Evaluaciones de la compañía Complete Hospitality Management

  • Avatar Rico Pester - Property owner

    When you hear that Complete Hospitality Management is professional in property management, believe me, these are not empty words. I am an owner of a villa in Punta Cana, and I contacted the company when it was clear, that changes were needed: with each month the rental revenue became lower and lower, any standard measures didn’t help. At first I doubt a little bit about it, but then decided to risk. And you know, I really love the result. The CHM team on fair terms offers a comprehensive range of steps and methods how to improve the property profitability, attract more guests, particularly from the USA and Canada. And it’s up to you to decide whether you want to participate in the process, e.g., deal with reservations, or just enjoy smooth operation and the growth of revenue. In my case after only one month it has increased by 2.5 times. So, my risk paid off.

  • Avatar Daniel Anico Taveras - Villa owner

    Art Villa appreciates people and companies, who specialize in one field, but do it professionally, showing deep knowledge of this area and achieving good results. This is what we call focused management. That’s why we are so proud to work with Complete Hospitality Management. We respect them as a reliable partner, providing all set of services in the field of short term rentals: from property evaluation and renovation to interaction with guests, ensuring thus our peace of mind. We know that they are doing hard work in the hospitality area, but they are doing it great, at the same time managing to boost the rental income by several times. This is the case when one specialization is more than enough. We wish our partner to keep showing the same high performance and be always the best!

  • Alex - Property owner

    Several months ago I, as a property owner, was not satisfied with the total performance of my business. It was rather hard to stay competitive and profitable at the changed property market. But then I started to work with Complete Hospitality Management and now I see that it was a right decision. At the very beginning they explained to me, operating with facts and numbers, how they would increase the rental income potential of my property and make my apartments more attractive, if they could manage my property. They suggested changing the pricing policy and renovating some apartments. Now my property is offered on the most popular rental sites, and my monthly rental revenue has increased by two times just during these several months! I know that I can trust them, as they are real professionals in property management: they know what they are doing and know how to avoid problems and mistakes. With them I’m absolutely sure of the success of my business. Thank you, Complete Hospitality Management, looking forward to our further cooperation.

  • Avatar Carlos Espinal - Property owner

    CHM is the company upon which you can rely without any doubts. They are really experienced professionals, showing expert knowledge in property management. My family is running a business in Punta Cana and our company bought a couple of villas there when we learned about Complete Hospitality Management. They examined our property and said, that if we wanted to receive high revenue from that property, we needed to change, and they could help us about it. The first step was house repairing. Villas were in a rather poor condition, so they really did a great job: cleaned the territory inside and outside, repaired utilities, installed advanced equipment. The team developed design of every room to make it more attractive for potential guests. With all these measures villas began to look completely different, more fresh, light and even more spacious. Now with the help of Complete Hospitality Management we don’t feel any lack of guests. My family and I like their serious, solid approach to tasks, and we are not going to stop working with them. And we would advise this company to anyone who is interested in efficient management of their property!

  • Avatar Anton - Property owner

    I started working with Complete Hospitality Management when it was needed to attract more guests, mainly from US and Canada. I talked with many companies and agencies, dealing with real estate, but only Complete Hospitality Management offered the best variants and terms. They showed their convincing portfolio and I made up my mind. Until now I haven’t regretted it. The advantage of Complete Hospitality Management is that they specialize in delivering clients from US and Canada. They know how to work with guests from these regions: what they are interested in, what amenities they pay special attention to, what they prefer and what don’t like. Vasiliy’s team knows how to highlight the special features of the property, that can grab the guest’s attention, and as a result he or she will choose to stay with us. And I see the result of their hard work. The number of guests has significantly increased, they are satisfied with everything and come back to us again and again. That is why I treat Complete Hospitality Management as the best professionals in the Caribbean, focusing on attracting clients from US and Canada.

  • Avatar Yan Vargas - Multiple properties owner

    With Complete Hospitality Management one may forget about all troubles and worries in respect to the guests. If this company manages your property for you, you can be sure that everything will be fine, and everyone will be satisfied. All responsibility for communication and interaction with guests from booking to check-out throughout the guest’s staying with us is borne by the Complete Hospitality Management team, and within the period of our cooperation with this company, there was no any negative feedback from the clients. It means something, right? They really do their best to anticipate needs and wishes of all guests, provide a lot of options and activities for all clients, so do everything possible to attract the guest to the property and leave only positive memories about it. And it works! This shows the level of their professionalism in hospitality industry and particularly in property management business.

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