Vacation Rental Consulting

Vacation Rental Consulting

The package includes:

  • Best practices for setting up OTA-accounts
  • Challenges in the hospitality industry and effective ways to solve them
  • Services, tools, techniques and automation
  • Vacation rental financial models and payments
  • Modern opportunities and risks in short-term and long-term vacation rentals
From $90 / hour

Problems Elaboration

The package includes:

  • Determining the list of the most significant current problems in your OTA-channels
  • 6 hours of intensive communication to determine of the most effective ways to solve these problems based on our years of experience in hospitality industry
  • Problem Solving Roadmap as a result of communication
From $599 / 6 hours

Our Secret Techniques

The package includes:

  • Around 9 hours of communication about the most effective ways to achieve great results in hospitality based on our years of experience
  • List of the most common hospitality problems and effective ways to solve them
  • List of web solutions and services that should and should not be used in the work based on our experience as a result
From $3,375 / 9 hours

Communication Consulting

The package includes:

  • Communication requirements analysis
  • Selecting the communication technology
  • Finding communication models
  • Research appropriate communication methods
  • Organize meetings
From $75.25 / hour

Negotiation Consulting

The package includes:

  • Setting negotiation goals
  • Selecting negotiation strategies, tactics and style
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis
  • Making a list pre-meeting questions
  • Deal design, trading plan, negotiation agenda
From $85.75 / hour

Sales Funnels Consulting

The package includes:

  • Goals evaluating, market niche research
  • Create/optimize sales funnel strategy
  • Determining ways to increase conversion rate
  • Selecting tools, technique and automation
  • Selecting best practices and insights
From $55.75 / hour

How Do We Work?

Our company offers a full service in web development for companies in vacation rentals, short-term rentals, real estate, e-commerce, and many other fields, starting from consultations to website developing and providing 24/7 technical support. We can help you with reliable and unique web solutions to help your business run smoothly in 2024.

 Meeting & Goal Setting

 Roadmap, Wireframe & Agreement

 Design Creation & Its Approval

 Development & Content Creation

 Testing & Launch, Full Payment

 Support & Maintenance

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