Property Management Services from Complete Hospitality Management (CHM)

Property Management Services from Complete Hospitality Management (CHM)


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    Property Management Fees (Short-Term Rentals)

    How much do we charge for property management
    for short-term rentals

    Our company offers different packages for our services. Those are always charged only from the revenue. What does it mean? Math is quite simple, you make money = we make money. Therefore, we need to make sales, generate income and manage the properties up to the highest expectations. We must make profits and deliver results.

    There are 4 main packages for short-term rentals,
    that are based on the % of the revenue:


     Airbnb Co-Host

    The package includes:

    • Managing Airbnb account (regular photo and description reviews and updates)
    • All communication with guests
    • Reviews for the guests and responses to such from the guests
    • Managing quick replies

    All OTA channels + Marketing

    The package includes:

    • Managing 35+ OTA channels (communication with guests, processing reservations, descriptions, and so on)
    • Direct bookings (from our website)
    • Marketing campaigns: Google ad campaigns, Instagram and Facebook marketing, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter ads, etc.

    Marketing + Check-in/Check-out

    The package includes:

    • All that is included in the 15% package.
    • Check-in procedure - our trained manager meets the guests at the designated time and does check-in, answers all the questions and does a tour of the apartment.
    • Check-out procedure - the manager will check out the guests according to the rules, and review the property for any damage.
    • Reports of any damage/repair works needed to the owner.

    Full Management

    The package includes:

    • All that is included in the 20% package
    • Cleaning and maintenance
    • Resolving issues with the clients
    • Peace of mind of the owner
    Villas with pool and in premium locations ($800K+) are charged at a special rate – only 20% from the revenue!
    Important. We do a thorough analysis of properties before we take them on for management. Not all properties can be profitable for short term rentals. In such cases, we recommend long-term rental management. But even if we have determined that your property is not favorable for short-term rental management due to objective reasons, you can still take advantage of our short-term rental management services by paying an additional setup fee of $499. This way you can try the short term rental scheme and we can cover our initial setup and marketing costs for your property.

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    Want to Get the Best Results? Follow this Checklist

    The Chances of Success 0%

    Do you have professional photos?

    High-quality photos can greatly enhance your listing's appeal, making your rental stand out and attract more guests. Elevate your listing's visual appeal and increase bookings with professional photos.

    Prices are: $150 for a studio or 1-bdr apartment, $350 for a 2-3 bdr apartment/home, $500 for a 4+ bdr home/villa. You can read more about a professional photo shoot from us here →

    I need professional photos

    Do you have a video of your property?

    A video tour offers potential guests an immersive experience, significantly increasing chances of bookings. Enhance your listing's engagement by showcasing your property in motion, offering guests a virtual walkthrough.

    Prices start at $199, depending on the length of the video - view an example. You can read more about videography from us here →

    I need real estate video

    Do you have a professional listing description?

    Detailed, compelling descriptions can be the deciding factor in securing more bookings. Set the right expectations and reduce misunderstandings with a clear, professional property description.

    Price is $149 per listing and incudes: competitor analysis, keypoints/keywords research and SEO-optimized and OTA-enhanced text for your property.

    I need listing description

    Do you need a professional Airbnb setup?

    An optimized Airbnb setup maximizes your property's visibility, leading to higher occupancy rates. Stand out in a saturated market with a professional Airbnb profile that appeals to your target audience.

    Price: $499. You can read more about Airbnb setup from us here →

    I need Airbnb setup

    Do you have a property landing page or website?

    A dedicated website establishes credibility, allowing you to showcase your property comprehensively and attract direct bookings. Stand out from the competition with a personal touch, offering guests detailed information and direct communication channels Bypass booking platform fees and build guest loyalty with your own professional website.

    Prices: from $999 depending on the complexity of the project. You can read more about landing page or website for your property by following these links above.

    I need Landing Page or Website

    Have you added your listing on rental platforms?

    Gain access to a wider audience and increase your booking rates by listing on our vacation rental platform. Benefit from our platform's user-friendly interface and extensive marketing reach to grow your rental business.

    Prices are: from $10 per month + $59 setup fee, depending on the subscription period. You can read more about this offer here →

    I want to add listing to EPC platform

    Do you need a Google Ads setup?

    Drive targeted traffic to your listing and increase bookings with expertly crafted Google Ad campaigns. Stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of Google Ads to reach potential guests actively searching for rentals.

    Price: $500 per campaign setup. You can find out all the details about Google Ads setup here →

    I need Google Ads setup

    Do you have social accounts for you property?

    Expand your property's online presence and engage with a larger audience through popular social platforms. Utilize the power of social media to showcase guest reviews, special offers, and highlight property features.

    Price: $39 per account setup. You can read more about social accounts setup here →

    I need social accounts setup

    Do you have Google My Business?

    Improve local search visibility and let potential guests find you easily with a Google My Business listing. Show up in Google Maps searches, display guest reviews, and provide essential details with a GMB listing.

    Price: $99 per profile setup. You can read more about Google My Business setup here →

    I need Google My Business setup

    Do you have sales-boosting property photos?

    Enhance your Airbnb listing with our set of 5 sales-boosting property photos, carefully selected and edited to spotlight your space's unique features and draw in more potential guests.

    Price: $49 per 5 photos. The service includes the selection and processing of your photos, as well as adding infographics to them. It does not include a photo shoot. View an example

    I need sales-boosting photos

    Do you have Airbnb chat templates?

    Our Airbnb chat templates can greatly enhance your conversations by providing quick, professional, and efficient responses that impress potential renters and drive bookings. You will save a lot of time and elevate your guest communication.

    Price: $99. You can read more about Airbnb templates here →

    I need Airbnb templates

    Do you need a personal consultation?

    Receive tailored advice and strategies to maximize your property's potential and increase bookings. Get answers to all your vacation rental queries and make informed decisions to ensure success in the market.

    Price: $75.25 per hour. You can read more about consultation options here →

    I need personal consultation

    Video About Our Rates

    Video About Our Rates

    Property Management Fees (Long-Term Rentals)

    Long-term fees

    If you plan to rent out your property for a long term, we have the following rates for maintenance and management only (regardless of whether the property is vacant or not):
    • 1-bedroom property or a studio: $100/month
    • 2-bedroom property: $150/month
    • 3-bedroom property: $200/month
    • Villas: $300/month
    If the property gets rented, our additional commission (reservation fees) are:
    • Short-term (less than 6 months): 20% of the revenue
    • Rentals of 6 months and more: 10% of the total rental price


    Imagine, that we found a client for you and rented your villa for $5,000/month (taking into consideration that we rented your villa for a year). Calculations will be as follows:
    • Your revenue: $5,000 * 12 months = $60,000
    • Our maintenance and management fees: $300 * 12 months = $3,600
    • Our commission (reservation fees): $60,000 * 10% = $6,000
    • Money that we’ll send to You: $60,000 - $3,600 - $6,000 = $50,400
    If you have any questions, check out our video above, or send us a message, or give us a call right now +1 617 939 9920!
    If your property is determined by us to be more profitable for long term rental management based on location or other objective reasons, but you strongly desire to rent it out on a short-term basis, you can still use our short term rental management services for an additional setup fee of $499.

    Our Clients Asked

    Can you help us set up our Airbnb properties?

    Yes, absolutely. We have been doing this for more than seven years. We have spent our 10,000 hours, polishing our Airbnb skills. Therefore, you can definitely rely on our experience, as we have done it for over 1,000 times.

    How exactly are you going to manage our property?

    • Step 1. First of all, we share our vision and ask for your opinion. Then we make the necessary adjustments, taking into account all the details and comments. Remember that our goal is to sell. We don’t go by our own taste preferences, but by what has more guarantees to please the customer.
    • Step 2. After the previous step, we conclude a basic agreement. How much are we going to charge for this? So, we charge 15% on top of your receipt on buying necessary items to make your place look perfect and welcoming to the client. You probably think that then we will buy the most expensive things. Well, that is not how it works. We need to make smart purchases, as it is in our interest that things serve well and be of high quality. For example, we may buy IKEA towels because they last longer and are good enough for the money you pay.

    Can you do staging for the property?

    In our opinion, this is our strength. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average staging investment is between 1% and 3% of the asking home’s price, resulting in an 8% to 10% return. And we can polish your property in a way that it can be rented at much better conditions. Typically, by investing around 15% more you can get 30-60% more. At this point, we charge 15% for our services over materials bill.

    What is your experience in Property Management?

    We have more than seven years of experience. And we managed more than 10,000 reservations. During all this time, we set up hundreds of properties for us and for other companies. Moreover, we are proud to say that we have people who have visited us more than 14 times in a row, every time selecting our services over other companies. With many years of experience, we can say that we have our own unique approach combined with cutting-edge technology. Be sure that our priority is always the customer satisfaction.

    Can you do a photoshoot for the property?

    Of course, we can! Moreover, we have a lot of experience in it. The most important part of this process is to prepare your villa or apartment for a photoshoot, which is not easy. We usually spend up to three days at the villa, and up to two days at the apartment, preparing it for the photoshoot. How about payment? Probably you will pay directly to the photographer, but we can also help you process the payment. In addition, we do property preparation free of charge if we have a valid contract with you. If we do not have such an agreement, we charge US $62 per hour/person for the preparation of the property.

    When does my property start delivering results?

    Well, it depends. We usually lower our rates to make sure we get it up and running as quickly as possible. In some cases, it takes a month to launch it. We need to set it up in 54 online travel agencies channels such as Booking, Expedia, Airbnb, etc. Of course, we have automation tools, but we need a lot of manual labor to make sure we fit perfectly into the systems. We work on a percentage, so we are truly interested in managing it in a most efficient way, as well as making money for you and us as soon as possible.

    What is the average occupancy that you could bring?

    Well, we could do the average occupancy around 15 days per month (sometimes 20 days). Though what is really important is not the occupancy, but how much money we can make. So let us say you can rent a unit for US $100 for a day to make it rented out for 30 days. Another example is you can rent a unit for US $200 for 15 days, and the amount of money will be the same. But at the same time, you have fewer expenses, like cleaning, consumables, etc. Therefore, for you, it is going to be easier to rent for longer terms (15 days).

    Can you rent my property long-term?

    Yes, we rent long-term. If we have this kind of opportunity, we provide discounts to our customers. Besides, it is always better for us to rent long-term because we can make cleaning and other expenditures less expensive. But of course, we will make less money. For us, a long-term rental starts from 1 month to 6 months. Nevertheless, we can manage for you both options – long-term rentals and short-term rentals as well.

    How will I receive my money?

    This procedure is pretty easy as we have accounts in the USA, the Dominican Republic, we can also send money to Europe and almost any country. How does it work? You get a clear and transparent report with all expenses and everything else. This option allows you to get detailed information where you can see everything clearly. After your approval, we will send you the money.

    How do you determine the base price for rent?

    Well, it is not difficult at all. Thanks to the statistics, and before the COVID-19, we could make mathematical models for each listing. But after the pandemic, everything changed. All seasons are different, and everything, in general, is now different. Last September was one of the most successful seasons for us. That is why we check the market more often now. We do not use any kind of automation for pricing because we personally can track the market much better and are much more confident about the properties that we manage. So, every week we monitor prices, check them, and react to them. For example, if we are not booked, we try to lower the price, and if we are already 60% booked, we increase the price, and if we are 80% booked our team increases the price to almost 50%. That is why, depending on the occupancy, we manage such expenses. We are flexible enough, but at the same time, our goal is to provide income and make our client, the owner, satisfied.

    What about prices for your services?

    Our company has different prices, we always charge them only from revenue. What does it mean? Well, if you make money, we make money. Therefore, we need to have sales, generate income and manage our property well. If you do not make money, then we do not make money. For us, this is a complete disaster, since we cannot manage these properties. We must make a profit and deliver results.
    You can see all details about our rates and packages in this section.
    • The first and second packages: 10% (Airbnb OTA channel only) and 15% (All OTA channels) accordingly. We just do marketing of the property, we do communications with the clients, we do online marketing and OTA management marketing. We also manage our advertising campaigns, and we manage your listing in OTA channels, we work with 56 OTA channels, including, Airbnb, Expedia, etc. So basically, when we take 15%, we manage everything related to marketing, including OTA channel management, and direct booking. Our company works with 246 agencies now. Moreover, we also cover Google ad campaigns, Instagram and Facebook marketing, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter ads, etc. with this fee.
    • The third package: 20% (Marketing + Check-in/Check-out). We charge for marketing, and in addition to it, we do check-in and check-out. At this point, we have our professional who checks the property. And if something goes wrong, we also make a report (damages and stuff like this). So, basically, 20% is the same as marketing stuff but includes check-in, check-out, checking the property, and communication with the client. In the Dominican Republic, we must do face-to-face communication because we prefer to explain the rules directly to the client, it will save a lot of time, and we believe it will deliver a much better customer experience.
    • The fourth package: 30% (Full Management). Everything including maintenance, marketing, cleaning management, etc.

    How do you define the prices in OTA systems?

    In short, we conduct market research and check objects nearby in different systems and different areas. Then we make spreadsheets, and we confirm the prices with you. After that, we automatically publish and manage prices in various OTA systems. Customer charges depend on the OTA system and channel. Of course, the best and most affordable option for customers is direct booking. We are proud to have over 2,000 visitors on our website every day and many direct bookings.

    Why do we need to sign a contract?

    The reason we need a contract is that we need to invest a lot of time and money to launch listings, make descriptions, make headlines, upload photos, and more. So, in terms of delivering results, we need to do a lot of work before the actual launch in the market, that is why we need to invest our time and money. After hard work, we need to focus and publish listings. Of course, we also pay for systems and everything else to set up everything. That is why we ask you to sign an agreement and follow the rules.

    Do you have a maintenance team?

    Yes, we have a maintenance and cleaning team in the Dominican Republic. In case something breaks, we work on fixing and improving it. In all other areas, we’ll cooperate with local tech and cleaning companies.

    How do we sign a contract?

    Well, we can sign a contract directly or use e-signature services like PandaDoc, where we send you an electronic version of the document.

    What kind of payment tools do you use with customers?

    So, we work with many payment tools for direct payments with customers like Paypal, Stripe, Zelle, direct deposit, and cash apps.

    Can I bring my own cleaning staff?

    It is possible to bring your own maid to assist with cleaning and maintenance duties at the property if you use the property management services. Though, if the property management business's staff must oversee the maid's work to make sure it adheres to its standards, this work should be paid by you.

    It's always a good idea to confirm with the property management company in advance whether they accept outside assistance and whether there are any particular rules or specifications for hiring additional workers. This will make sure that the property management firm and any outside aid you hire will work together effectively.

    Can you make a discount for your services?

    The price for our services is absolutely fair. We work in the best possible way with your property so that it is always booked and guests are happy: we clean and maintenance, communicate with clients and resolve conflicts, make advertising campaigns with your property, help with titles and descriptions, SEO settings, photos and videos, etc.

    Our company values its name and reputation, and also appreciates the properties of our customers and focuses on their improvements in every sense. With us, your listings will rise higher both in the search and in the rental price.

    Why avoid companies with low commissions?

    There are several reasons why you should be cautious about contacting companies like this:

    • Lack of quality. They may be cutting corners in order to keep their costs down. This could result in a lower quality of service, which could ultimately harm your property and result in higher costs in the long run.
    • Lack of experience. They can be relatively new to the industry or may not have the necessary experience to handle complex property management issues. This could result in mistakes or oversights that could have consequences for your property.
    • Hidden fees. Some property management companies may offer a low initial price but then tack on additional fees or charges for services that were not initially disclosed. This can result in unexpected costs that can quickly add up.
    • Poor communication. They probably don’t have the resources to provide effective communication with their clients. It can make it difficult for you to stay informed about the status of your property and any issues that may arise.
    • Unreliable service. Finally, such companies may not be reliable or may not provide consistent service. This can result in delays or missed deadlines.

    As a result, the initial price announced by the property management company may be only 10%, but due to poor quality service, you will pay 50%. High-quality service cannot be cheap. It's up to you to decide who to contact.

    Why do you recommend to make a pro photoshoot?

    Here is a list of reasons why a professional photoshoot is important to rent out a property successfully on Airbnb:

    • Professional photos can make your listing stand out and attract more potential guests. Airbnb has reported that properties with professional photos can increase bookings by up to 24%.
    • High-quality photos provide guests with a better idea of what to expect from the property, making them more likely to book and more satisfied with their stay.
    • Pro images can help you earn more revenue by attracting more bookings and enabling you to charge a higher nightly rate. Airbnb has reported that hosts who use professional photography can earn up to 40% more than those who don't.
    • Excellent pictures can highlight your property's best features and showcase its unique selling points, such as a pool or a stunning view.
    • A positive first impression, which is crucial to attracting guests and getting them to book your property, can create exactly the photos.

    Overall, a professional photoshoot can be a worthwhile investment for any host looking to increase bookings, attract more guests, and earn more revenue on Airbnb.

    Our Unique Approach to Managing Your Property

    75% of saved time
    30% more efficiency
    Quality control
    Full guidance
    Positive feedbacks

    Video About Our Onboarding Process

    Video About Our Onboarding Process

    What Does Our Typical
    Onboarding Process Look Like?

    Agreement Signing the initial agreement
    of cooperation (3 days)
    Meeting Outlining everything what is going
    to be accomplished and how (1 day)
    Texts & Settings Property descriptions, settings
    and amenities (2 days)
    Photos & Video Setup property photos, photo
    descriptions and video (3 days)
    Prices & Promo Property prices, specials and
    promo setup (3 days)
    Calendars Calendars setup, synchronization
    settings (1 day)
    OTA Profiles OTA profiles development
    and setup (4 days)
    Connectivity Response templates setup
    (1 day)

    Sales start !

    Typical Problems on Airbnb, Booking, Expedia

    Typical Problems on Airbnb, Booking, Expedia

    Property Management Common Issues

    Poor management Owners either don’t have the time
    or don’t want to invest the time
    Complexity Complexity of the entire booking process Lack of funds Lack of funds to maintain properties Lack of procedures Lack of comprehensive procedures
    and check lists
    Absence of vision Absence of vision regarding
    how a property should look in 2020
    Ineffective maintenance Maintenance is generally very costly, yet still ineffective,
    and this can lead to heavy financial losses
    Lack of knowledge Lack of knowledge about the hotel sector
    and its main hospitality standards
    Lack of support staff Lack of responsible and/or reliable support staff
    capable of keeping the property in the peak condition

    It is an ongoing challenge not only to rent out a property,
    but to sell it on time and for a competitive, market price if so desired.

    Our Achievements

    Our Team’s Certifications

    8+ Years of OTA Experience

    Our Team

    Stop Losing Your Money and
    Increase Your Rental Income

    Rental revenue opportunityOreuga, ap. Sea, Bavaro

    Stop losing your money
    by getting rid of property issues

    Just imagine how it would feel to double your rental income from your property and increase its resale value by at least 32%. All of the above and you still have an opportunity to select your renters or buyers. Besides, you get to decide when it suits you to rent out or sell your property.

    There are many customers out there looking for cozy, comfortable, ready-to-use properties or looking for properties that have the potential to generate an additional stream of income.

    Double the revenue potential of your property and increase its value by 30-40%

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    We Work With

    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana
    • Property Management Service - Hospitality Management in Punta Cana

    Complete Hospitality Management LLC -
    Your Property Management Partner

    Imagine this: you have your property rented, your inventory is always sold out, your calendar is full of reservations, you are booked solid, and you have maximum income from your property. Is it a bad idea?If not, then right now start working with us! Follow our guidance and protocols – and have your villa, hotel, residence, or apartment booked in a month.

    • What we do here is completely different from everything else. If you really want to have your hotel booked, you are in the right place. We use our cutting-edge technologies and deep knowledge of the industry.
    • Our team is a very solid structure with a deep knowledge base in Management, Marketing, Negotiation, Sales. We have managed to acquire hundreds of hours of proven experience working with apartments, and small and mid-size hotels.

    That is why we can work together to bring sales and success to you. Just contact Us: +1 617 939 9920 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facetime, iMessage, Signal). Or book an appointment on this page below.

    Even if you boast a stable income from renting your property, there is always a way to make more money if you take into consideration the following key factors that can significantly increase the probability of booking your property:

    • Instant booking. If a client likes your property, they want to book it immediately. Let them do it! Enable instant booking or you will lose the best deals because clients will change their minds while waiting for your approval!
    • The truth and only the truth. Be honest and transparent with your clients when posting photos and descriptions. It is better to surpass their expectations than not to meet them.
    • 24/7 communication. Be ready to answer any questions anytime!

    In order to get maximum revenue, transparent reports, happiness and take pride in your property, and peace of mind. Send us a message or give us a call right now +1 617 939 9920.

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