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We understand the limitations for Airbnb SEO, but help your listing perform at its maximum.

Sure, there are factors that cannot be changed. They include guest’s needs, location, previous listing clicks, trip criteria, availability, booking duration or number of guests. Nevertheless, there are lots of factors that can be changed: description, pictures, price, host response time, number of positive reviews, pre-approvals, booking requests, instant booking, and more

Our job is to make sure your listing appears at the top of the list for those guests who are ready to book.

The package includes:

  • Airbnb Listing Analysis for 7 listings
  • 7 listings full setup based on previous analysis, including title and description creation
  • Perfect photo selection and ordering (photoshoots are not included)
  • Setup all the profile data from scratch and in the right consequence
  • Setup basic communication templates
  • Identification of competitors and their analysis
  • Defining competitive advantages and focusing on them in listing descriptions, titles, photos
  • Pricing recommendations, taking into account seasonal fluctuations to maximize property occupancy
  • Creating a clear strategy for becoming an Airbnb SuperHost

We’ve put together easy tips and tutorials for you to optimize your listings regardless of your situation or location. These tactics help create the foundations of what it means to have an “optimized” listing.

What You Get

  1. Rank Higher in Search. Better ranking & branding = more rental views.
  2. Get More Rental Views. More views means higher booking potential.
  3. Raise Your Occupancy Rate. Larger booking potential means higher occupancy.
  4. Improve Ratings & Reviews. Happiness & higher occupancy means more reviews.
  5. Increase Your Nightly Rate. A higher rate means more income.
  6. Maximize Your Income. More income means more success.

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