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Do you want to have your property SOLD OUT? If the answer is yes – start working with us! Follow our guidance and protocols – and have your hotel, residence, or apartment booked in a month.What we do here is completely different from everything else. If you really want to have your hotel booked, you are in the right place. We do our cutting-edge technologies and deep knowledge.

Our team is a very solid structure with a deep knowledge base in Management, Marketing, Negotiation, and Sales. Proven experience working with apartments, and small and mid-size hotels. This is why we can work and bring sales and success to you. Just contact Us: +1 617 939 9920 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, iMessage,Facetime, Signal). Or book an appointment on this page below.

Even if you boast a stable income from renting your property, there is always a way to make more money if you consider the following key factors that can increase the probability of booking your property significantly:

  • Instant booking. If a client likes your property, they want to book it immediately. Let them do it! Enable instant booking or you will lose the best deals because clients will change their minds while waiting for your approval!
  • Truth and only truth. Be honest and transparent with your clients when posting photos and descriptions. It is better to surpass their expectations than not to meet them.
  • 24/7 communication. Be ready to answer any questions anytime!

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Increase probability of booking your property

Here you can see how different factors make your property
more attractive, viewable and bookable:

Factors to increase probability
of booking your property
43% Booking probability 62% Booking probability 95% Booking probability
 Quality photos: +23%Quality photos, many photos
 Honest description: +20%Clear and honest property description
 Actual prices: +19%Correct and actual property prices
 Fast communication: +22%Fast and smooth communication with client
 iCals to sync calendars: +11%Possibility for the guest to book instantly

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