Get a smoothly operated business
with higher profits in 2024

Just think about what happens when your property stands empty or suffers from poor management? You lose money trying to maintain it.And then what happens? It could remain empty for years, just like so many other properties in the DR, bringing more financial losses and wasting your time.

And when it happens, your chances of selling it or renting it out at an acceptable price drop exponentially. Or possibly you’re in a position where all the income you do receive from your rentals is spent on just keeping your property in a decent condition?

  • The truth is: that properties require an abundance of money to maintain.
  • The truth is: that it is not easy to get a decent price for your property.
  • The truth is: that the property market in the DR has changed drastically.

So how can you improve your chances of success by up to 80%? You can achieve that with Complete Hospitality Management:

  • You can get your property completely renovated and refurnished to meet the latest client standards, and thereby convert it from a liability into a profitable business. This, however, requires hard work and dedicated effort. You need experience, specific knowledge, and expert skills.
  • If you successfully address these issues, you stand to double the profit margin on your monthly rentals. Furthermore, you can potentially boost the value of your property by 30-40%.
  • This deck will help you as a property owner in the DR to address your rental and hospitality issues and resolve any doubts concerning working with a professional team of experts.

Get a new source of income

Rental revenue opportunityOreuga, ap. Sea, Bavaro

Stop losing your money
by getting rid of property issues

Just imagine how it would feel to double your rental income from your property and increase its resale value by at least 32%. All of the above and you still have an opportunity to select your renters or buyers. Besides, you get to decide when it suits you to rent out or sell your property.

There are many customers out there looking for cozy, comfortable, ready-to-use properties or looking for properties that have the potential to generate an additional stream of income.

Double the revenue potential of your property and increase its value by 30-40%

Why is quality property management in 2024
more important than ever before?

The new reality is that the property market has changed; things that worked for the past few years no longer do in 2024.
Many private hospitality businesses are now struggling or even are out of business.

Four Dominating Causes

Clients Want the Best Clients are not going to settle for okay properties anymore. They are looking for clean, well-organized, and up-to-date properties. They are looking for the best these days Clients Check Your Reputation Online And they’re willing to spend time on it. Clients these days are not going to accept anything less than exceptional service, and they expect to get precise descriptions of the available accommodation. Social Change: Eco & Healthy More and more people are looking for eco-resorts that feature natural materials like wood, stone, etc. They’re looking for accommodation options that serve healthy, organic food. Dеcor Matters: Fresh and Light Dark, gloomy colors, old fashioned beds, and cluttered spaces are no longer acceptable. Fresh and light rooms are what your clients want these days.

How Hospitality Trends affect your business?

Are you aware of the fact that cleaning personnel managers should spend at least 80% of their time working alongside their employees? And that when a property gets a negative reputation it will cost you at least 40% of your generated profits and at least six months of intense effort to restore it?

Booking systems market has changed dramatically and has become far more complicated:

Travel and booking websites now accept only top-quality photos and precise descriptions. Each system’s management has its ideas of promotion options for your property and has sophisticated algorithms for their search results. There are a lot of new players with lower rates, and a startling range of possibilities available for renting out your property.
Hospitality trendsOreuga, ap. A5, Bavaro

What most property owners
struggle with?

Poor management Owners either don’t have the time
or don’t want to invest the time
Complexity Complexity of the entire booking process Lack of funds Lack of funds to maintain properties Lack of procedures Lack of comprehensive procedures
and check lists
Absence of vision Absence of vision regarding
how a property should look in 2020
Ineffective maintenance Maintenance is generally very costly, yet still ineffective,
and this can lead to heavy financial losses
Lack of knowledge Lack of knowledge about the hotel sector
and its main hospitality standards
Lack of support staff Lack of responsible and/or reliable support staff
capable of keeping the property in the peak condition

It is an ongoing challenge not only to rent out a property,
but to sell it on time and for a competitive, market price if so desired.

How are your struggles dealt with?

The Unique Management Solution

Complete Hospitality Management is a technology and personnel management solution for property owners and co-owners who are dissatisfied with the performance of their investment portfolio.

Complete Hospitality Management provides you access to the best booking and automation systems in the world. This solution offers you three major benefits.

Major benefits of our solution

It will maximize the rental income potential of your property You will receive a single report summary from all your accounts It will make your property 30-40% more attractive to the resale market

Complete Hospitality
Typical Agency
Specialization: Hospitality management, OTA management, Revenue management No focus
Clients: Apart-hotels, Mini-hotels, Medium-hotels, Condos No focus
Hospitality solutionOreuga, ap. A5, Bavaro Unique hospitality

Is your property business keeping up
with the latest market trends?

If a real estate or investment firm manages your property, they are most likely still utilizing the same old methods they have been using since 2011. And therefore, your property, accounts, and reputation are being exposed to a higher risk than you realize.

According to research conducted in 2019 by eTrack, eMarketer and Alexa, 87% of all travel reservations are made online. Consequently, Internet travel booking revenue has grown by more than 63% over the past five years.

Airbnb, which in the beginning left its pricing to the discretion of the hosts, has lately spent a significant amount of effort on developing a more transparent pricing model. This decision resulted from users' feedback, who were experiencing difficulties setting the right price range for their listings.

The predictive pricing algorithm provides hosts with a recommended price for their listing depending on several factors, including room style; property type; the number of reviews; guest capacity; location; seasonality; pricing of other listings; hotel and airline demand; and even temperature fluctuations at any given destination.

More and more customers are seeking authentic travel experiences unique to their chosen destination. Part of the appeal of the shared economy concepts has been its ability to cater to these specific desires.

Given the diversity of unit locations in the particular markets that companies such as Airbnb serve, consumers are now able to enjoy an exclusive experience. Staying in local neighborhoods that don’t feature traditional hotel accommodations but do offer unique amenities is becoming a trend.

Following these tendencies, both emerging and traditional hospitality platforms must adapt to changing consumer preferences. It is now vital to be able to cater to various consumer segments, build loyalty programs, all of which will drive future growth.

Our approach at Complete Hospitality Management is truly unique and innovative. We adhere to the highest hospitality industry standards and our super-efficient team is committed to bringing our clients only the best options from multiple booking systems.

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How we make your business life untroubled?

The Service or the Product

It is certainly not easy to connect all the dots and create a system that works flawlessly. That’s why so many companies in this particular sector are failing. What we have managed to achieve with the help of our highly capable team is the next level. Besides, it’s tremendously different from the timeworn solutions currently available to the DR property market.

Many of our predecessors tried and failed, and we are well aware of why exactly they did not make it. This business is not smooth and uncomplicated, considering how rapidly and dramatically it changes each year. It requires dedicated focus, up-to-date knowledge, hands-on experience, and sophisticated technology to make it work.

We know how to run your property and manage personnel as we’ve done it before. Although our Complete Hospitality Management solution is unique to the Dominican Republic, our success track can prove that we guarantee real and positive results.

What you get is an innovative and premium booking service that will achieve excellent results, and bring you:

More money Growth and stability Satisfied customers 24/7 service
Premium booking serviceOreuga, ap. A8-11, Bavaro Hospitality service

What does our typical
onboarding process look like?

Agreement Signing the initial agreement
of cooperation (3 days)
Meeting Outlining everything what is going
to be accomplished and how (1 day)
Texts & Settings Property descriptions, settings
and amenities (2 days)
Photos & Video Setup property photos, photo
descriptions and video (3 days)
Prices & Promo Property prices, specials and
promo setup (3 days)
Calendars Calendars setup, synchronization
settings (1 day)
OTA Profiles OTA profiles development
and setup (4 days)
Connectivity Response templates setup
(1 day)

Sales start !

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    What does it cost you?

    If your property is in perfect condition and up to luxury, modern standards, and you just require automated management, including electronic systems and reputation management, it will cost only 15% of your monthly revenue.

    Turn-key management solution for your property will cost you only 30% of your monthly revenue, offset by an expected increase of 2-3 times in your monthly rental profits. Please note that our conditions are negotiable.

    You can find more information about service packages
    and their costs here:

    We understand the hospitality sector, and we know how to successfully manage rental properties. We have done this all before. That’s why we can guarantee you’ll have:

    More money Growth and stability Satisfied customers 24/7 service Peace of mind

    Success Story #1

    Penthouse in Punta Cana

    A spacious three-level penthouse located only in one-minute walking distance from Bavaro beach. It features 3 bedrooms and a large living room. BBQ and Jacuzzi are installed on the roof, while a common swimming pool is found in the patio.

    Complete Hospitality Management
    Previous Management
    Revenue per month
    $5,309 $1,500
    Expenses: $1,858.15
    Including our management (30%) and electronic systems. Owner was not involved in operations at all.
    Monthly profit: $3,450.80 $1,350
    Annual profit: $41,409.60 (2.5x) $16,200

    Profit increase: $41,409.60 - $16,200 = $25,209.60

    Penthouse in Punta CanaMar de Corales 2, ap. A402, Bavaro Condo in Punta Cana

    Success Story #2

    One bedroom apartment in Bavaro, Cocotal

    This one-bedroom apartment is located in the most secure gated community of Punta Cana – Cocotal. A coffee-shop and a minimarket are located in a walking distance. Surrounded by lush tropical garden, it also features a swimming pool.

    Complete Hospitality Management
    Previous Management
    Revenue per month
    $1,811 $800
    Expenses: $654
    Including our management (20%). Owner opted to manage bookings himself to save an additional 10% on his CHM commission
    Monthly profit: $1,157 $400
    Annual profit: $13,884 (2.8x) $4,800
    Property price: $185,000 $138,000

    Investment in property: $11,262. Property was sold for $185,000. Owners opted for a quick sale to generate capital for retirement.

    Profit increase: $185,000 - ($138,000 + $11,262) = $35,738

    One bedroom apartment in BavaroGema Bahia, ap. C5, Cocotal One bedroom apartment in Cocotal

    Success Story #3

    Small Hotel Bed & Breakfast

    A small B&B hotel located only in one-minute walking distance from Bavaro beach. It features 24 rooms.

    Complete Hospitality Management
    Previous Management
    Rooms: 24 24
    Occupation: 54% 38%
    Average rate: $52 $48
    Monthly income: $20,217.60 $13,132.80

    Profit increase: $20,217.60 - $13,132.80 = $7,084.80

    Medium Hotel

    A medium hotel near the Bavaro beach. We helped to renovate the rooms. We built 2 more rooms using empty space.

    Complete Hospitality Management
    Previous Management
    Rooms: 54 52
    Occupation: 44% 42%
    Average rate: $86 $68
    Monthly income: $61,300.80 $44,553.60

    Profit increase: $61,300.80 - $44,553.60 = $16,747.20

    Small hotel in BavaroArt Villa, Bavaro Medium hotel in Bavaro

    Our Unique Approach

    75% of saved time
    30% more efficiency
    Quality control
    Full guidance
    Positive feedbacks


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    Do you have professional photos?

    High-quality photos can greatly enhance your listing's appeal, making your rental stand out and attract more guests. Elevate your listing's visual appeal and increase bookings with professional photos.

    Prices are: $150 for a studio or 1-bdr apartment, $350 for a 2-3 bdr apartment/home, $500 for a 4+ bdr home/villa. You can read more about a professional photo shoot from us here →

    I need professional photos

    Do you have a video of your property?

    A video tour offers potential guests an immersive experience, significantly increasing chances of bookings. Enhance your listing's engagement by showcasing your property in motion, offering guests a virtual walkthrough.

    Prices start at $199, depending on the length of the video - view an example. You can read more about videography from us here →

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    Do you have a professional listing description?

    Detailed, compelling descriptions can be the deciding factor in securing more bookings. Set the right expectations and reduce misunderstandings with a clear, professional property description.

    Price is $149 per listing and incudes: competitor analysis, keypoints/keywords research and SEO-optimized and OTA-enhanced text for your property.

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    Do you need a professional Airbnb setup?

    An optimized Airbnb setup maximizes your property's visibility, leading to higher occupancy rates. Stand out in a saturated market with a professional Airbnb profile that appeals to your target audience.

    Price: $499. You can read more about Airbnb setup from us here →

    I need Airbnb setup

    Do you have a property landing page or website?

    A dedicated website establishes credibility, allowing you to showcase your property comprehensively and attract direct bookings. Stand out from the competition with a personal touch, offering guests detailed information and direct communication channels Bypass booking platform fees and build guest loyalty with your own professional website.

    Prices: from $999 depending on the complexity of the project. You can read more about landing page or website for your property by following these links above.

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    Have you added your listing on rental platforms?

    Gain access to a wider audience and increase your booking rates by listing on our vacation rental platform. Benefit from our platform's user-friendly interface and extensive marketing reach to grow your rental business.

    Prices are: from $10 per month + $59 setup fee, depending on the subscription period. You can read more about this offer here →

    I want to add listing to EPC platform

    Do you need a Google Ads setup?

    Drive targeted traffic to your listing and increase bookings with expertly crafted Google Ad campaigns. Stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the power of Google Ads to reach potential guests actively searching for rentals.

    Price: $500 per campaign setup. You can find out all the details about Google Ads setup here →

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    Do you have social accounts for you property?

    Expand your property's online presence and engage with a larger audience through popular social platforms. Utilize the power of social media to showcase guest reviews, special offers, and highlight property features.

    Price: $39 per account setup. You can read more about social accounts setup here →

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    Do you have Google My Business?

    Improve local search visibility and let potential guests find you easily with a Google My Business listing. Show up in Google Maps searches, display guest reviews, and provide essential details with a GMB listing.

    Price: $99 per profile setup. You can read more about Google My Business setup here →

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    Do you have sales-boosting property photos?

    Enhance your Airbnb listing with our set of 5 sales-boosting property photos, carefully selected and edited to spotlight your space's unique features and draw in more potential guests.

    Price: $49 per 5 photos. The service includes the selection and processing of your photos, as well as adding infographics to them. It does not include a photo shoot. View an example

    I need sales-boosting photos

    Do you have Airbnb chat templates?

    Our Airbnb chat templates can greatly enhance your conversations by providing quick, professional, and efficient responses that impress potential renters and drive bookings. You will save a lot of time and elevate your guest communication.

    Price: $99. You can read more about Airbnb templates here →

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    Do you need a personal consultation?

    Receive tailored advice and strategies to maximize your property's potential and increase bookings. Get answers to all your vacation rental queries and make informed decisions to ensure success in the market.

    Price: $75.25 per hour. You can read more about consultation options here →

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