Real Estate Videography

Make your listing stand out by using real estate video.

Are you a residential or commercial real estate professional who wants to make your listing video stand out from competitors?

Fantastic luxury real estate video is ideal for promoting your property/real estate listing. This video will help you to convert more.
We have a solution for you! An eye-catching creative video with 4K high quality video  of the real estate will 100% bring you new customers.
Real estate videography is essential for ensuring that your property listing appeals to essential buyers and is also impressive, which fuels your callbacks, thereby resulting in fast selling of property.

Our package includes:

  • Real estate, property, residential, vacation rentals videography
  • You’ll get 25 minutes 4K video footage from GoPro Hero Black 9
  • You’ll get extra 5 minutes 4K video footage from drone (DJI Mini 2) free of charge
  • This package does not include video editing, you’ll get video footage + drone footage
  • Pricing may vary depending on the total video shooting time

From $375 / property

Our professional real estate video services can help your listing reel in potential buyers. Our videos are shot by experienced videographers who have an eye for detail. And we use cutting-edge technology to make your listings look their best.

Drone videos do what still photos can’t: show off your property’s best features from every angle, with a cinematic quality that will make potential buyers take notice.

Benefits of real estate videography:

  • Real estate listings that include video get more inquiries than those listings with no video.
  • Among all buyers and sellers, a significant percentage of them wish to work with an agent who makes use of video as a part of their marketing efforts.
  • A lot of house buyers use video for doing research on a specific community, and a lot of them use it for touring the inside of the houses.
  • Many homebuyers initiate their search for their residence online, and a video assists them with SEO and stands out on a congested search page.
  • Homebuyers even make use of websites with embedded video during a house search, and many of them think they are helpful.
  • Links to a page having an embedded video receive more organic search results than those pages that do not have a video.

Why invest in our real estate video package?

  • Maximize Interactivity:
    We all know the importance of quality real estate photos when marketing a home, but real estate videography takes real estate marketing to a whole new level. With real estate drone photography, you can maximize the visibility and interactivity of your listings and give potential homebuyers a holistic experience of viewing a home, without having to take the time to show the home in person. Videos are also extremely powerful when incorporated in other marketing strategies, such as, social media and email marketing that can result in more leads and keep you ahead of the competition.
  • The truth is, people would much rather watch a video than spend time scrolling through photos. Therefore, when homebuyers are searching the web for their next home, they are more drawn to videos on crowded listing sites than the typical carousel of professional photos. Virtual video tours allow prospective homebuyers to feel like they are moving throughout the home and can get a better idea of the flow of the house and property, room sizes, and other home features than they would be able to looking at traditional interior and exterior photos.
  • Increase Visibility And Social Media Presence:
    When marketing your listings, don’t forget about using social media to your advantage. Because most people start their home searches online, optimizing your website, YouTube channel, and other social media pages is essential. Videos are entertaining and extremely shareable on social media, so adding real estate drone videography to your social media sites will help you get your listings in front of more homebuyers. Not to mention, this will also help you rank on page one of Google — getting you in front of even more prospective homebuyers, which will bring in more offers, so you can sell your listings at the highest price.
  • Videos Are Versatile:While videos are eye-catching on listing sites and help capture potential homebuyers’ attention, videos are also a great marketing investment because they are so versatile and can be used in many different ways. Videos can be implemented in social media, as discussed above, marketing emails, open house notifications, and more to spark more interest and inquiries on listings, which can lead to bidding wars and higher final sales prices.

We have real estate drone video professionals for any property. We look forward to helping you step up your real estate marketing to drive results.

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