Apartments vs Hotels: What to Choose in 2024?

Apartments vs Hotels? This topic of discussion has become very relevant recently. I think it will not be a surprise to anyone that after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, apartments, villas, etc., will become increasingly popular – all those properties that are private and available for rent. And it is not surprising that such a trend has already occurred in the Dominican Republic. Hotels and resorts are closed, so the demand for private apartments and services of the hospitality management industry is increasing.

Why the demand for private apartments is increasing?

  • After the end of the coronavirus pandemic, people when thinking of apartments vs hotels will prioritize apartments with the possibility of long-term rent, as it is no longer certain that everything will be fine tomorrow.
  • An important factor in the choice of the apartment will be its safety. People will examine everything to be sure that if it is impossible to leave it due to some situations like a pandemic, they will maintain the usual rhythm of life. In other words, in the apartment has to be everything necessary for a comfortable life.
  • Special attention will be paid to possible restrictions. For example, how hotels do it. They make sure that people minimally go out to the city, provide almost any service, products, and entertainment for their guests on the hotel grounds. Therefore, guests will be more inclined to choose in favor of apartments, apartment hotels, condos, etc., where the internal territory will not be so limited and there will be more freedom of choice.
  • After COVID-19 epidemic people will go more to cafes and similar places where they can meet new people and just talk, because it was missed so much during quarantine! People will want to explore the world not from the windows of the hotel, but what it is, to watch, to move, to visit new countries and cities, to experience the cultures of other people. I suppose it will become very relevant.
  • And, of course, people’s fears will increase. These can be constant experiences about hygiene, fear that some regime will be broken, the privacy of the person. This is due to the increasing relevance of apartments, villas, condos, etc. Camping may update, but anyway there are some doubts about the safety of this choice.

However, according to the stereotypes, holidays in apartments or villas is a variant for rich people. There are, of course, luxury ones at crazy prices, but still most of the offers are distinguished by a reasonable price, excellent location and quality. If you are going on vacation by a large company or several families – a holiday in the villa will suit you perfectly, as the cost of rent is shared among all participants of the trip or families. It significantly saves your budget and increases the amount of money that can be spent on the holiday itself.

Finally, let’s arrive at solutions about ‘apartments vs hotels’:

  1. Holidays with a large company or several families in a villa or in apartments are much cheaper than in several hotel rooms.
  2. Complete immersion in the atmosphere of the country. Hotels are generally unified and do not fully reflect the country’s specifics, customs and morals.
  3. You are renting a room much larger in area than a standard hotel room. Instead of a small bedroom and tiny toilet in the hotel you have the opportunity to have a rest in spacious premises with a living room, additional bedrooms, corridors, terraces, private area – garden, garage or parking, sometimes even beach.
  4. You are able to cook what you like and when you want. You don’t have to wake up and rush to breakfast in the hotel at a strictly defined time and often not characterized by a variety of menus. In the apartments you can make your favorite coffee and drink it even in bed or by the sea.
  5. The apartments are convenient for a large company or family with children. They give you an opportunity to get away from the fuss, crowds of people, not to meet with neighbors and to spend your leisure time as you like.
  6. Great savings in nutrition – you buy products in supermarkets, cook yourself. As well, constant food in restaurants is either expensive or get old pretty quick. Visiting, for example, a fish store, you get an opportunity to choose and prepare any seafood you like, inexpensive and for a big company.
  7. A great opportunity to party, stay up late in evenings on your own terrace overlooking the sea – this can only be allowed in a very high-class hotel.
  8. A large fenced area – the garden around the apartment or villa belongs only to you. Here you can watch the children playing without worrying about them. If you wish, the staff will bring baby cots and chairs. You have a fully equipped kitchen for preparing milk mixtures and other baby meals.
  9. Rent a car – travel to all accessible corners of the area in which you are on vacation. Believe me, such trips will leave more impressions than boring standard excursions with a tired guide in a hot bus. Take a competent guide with you on the trip – you will learn much more yourself.
  10. You gain a unique experience of an independent vacation to another country, about which it will be interesting to listen to all your friends and relatives.

Anyway, it’s up to you. Choosing a hotel or apartment for a trip depends on what is more important to you – price, extended service, security, or private territory. I can say for sure that living in apartments you are completely immersed in the life of the country. If you really want to find out everything and even more about it – choose apartments!

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