How to Become Airbnb Superhost in 2024 – 15 Crucial Recommendations

If you’ve ever posted a property on Airbnb, you may have seen a Superhost status. This is how the platform highlights hosts with a great experience. The definition of an Airbnb Superhost, the advantages it offers homeowners, and the requirements for achieving it are all covered in this article.

Check-list for becoming an Airbnb Superhost

15-step check-list for getting an Airbnb Superhost status

Airbnb Superhost status meaning

Superhosts are hosts that go above and beyond. They inspire other hosts and are outstanding examples of exceptional hospitality. It alludes to a dependable and knowledgeable host. Future tourists can quickly identify the top hosts thanks to the Superhost badge.

How to become an Airbnb Superhost

Airbnb Superhost Reward

Airbnb hopes to enhance the traveler experience and provide a quality assurance through this service. After all, the booking website wants visitors to enjoy their trips while staying in the vacation rentals they have reserved and to do so again in the future.

Benefits of being an Airbnb Superhost

This status is difficult to obtain, but it has many benefits. For example:

  • More visibility: you may reach more visitors, take more reservations, book more frequently, and boost your revenue per stay;
  • Greater sense of assurance in your vacation rental business;
  • Exclusive benefits include a $100 Airbnb discount if you retain your status for a full year;
  • Priority assistance. When you need help, you may quickly reach a knowledgeable customer service representative thanks to specialized Superhost support;
  • Early access to new features on Airbnb;
  • The badge of the status will promote your vacation rental and encourage guests to book with you.

Therefore, the expected result and the perceived benefits are worth the effort. If you would like more advice and tips on achieving this status, you can easily get in touch with our team of professionals in hospitality industry.

How to become an Airbnb Superhost

A separate application is not required to become an Airbnb Superhost. To obtain the Airbnb Superhost badge, four program conditions must be satisfied.

4 criteria for becoming an Airbnb superhost

4 main criteria for becoming an Airbnb Superhost

Have an overall score of at least 4.8

You must have received an average rating of at least 4.8 over the previous 365 days from your guests to qualify for Airbnb Superhost designation. So, aim for stellar reviews. You must be a seasoned host who has satisfied previous Airbnb guests to consider you a host.

One of the most important critical skills is communication. If you want secret techniques and ready-made templates for chatting with guests, you should definitely consider our Airbnb chat templates service.

Have at least 10 stays or at least 3 long-term stays

Additionally, you must have had three or more long-term stays or more than ten short stays. Airbnb wants to ensure you have the hosting experience to give guests a memorable stay.

A cancellation rate of less than 1%

With a low cancellation rate, potential guests can be confident that your vacation property is in good condition and that you are a reliable host.

You won’t have to worry if there is a cancellation due to a force majeure.

A response rate greater than 90%

To qualify as an Airbnb Superhost, you must respond to 90% of new inquiries from guests regarding reservations made at your place of lodging within 24 hours. You can enhance your response rate by giving brief responses to potential attendees.

To attain a decent response rate, even if you are unable to react to all requests or emails right away, you should, at the very least, state in a succinct manner that you are taking action.

Days of Airbnb Superhost evaluations

The evaluation and verification period lasts 5 days and occurs 4 times each year (quarterly evaluation):

  • January 1st;
  • April 1st;
  • July 1st;
  • October 1st.

Please be aware that it could take up to 7 days for the Superhost badge to appear in the search filter, host list, and profile.

How to maintain Airbnb Superhost status

If you have acquired, maintained, or lost your Superhost status, Airbnb will let you know through email. The platform advises monitoring your advancement on your “Host Dashboard” because reviews happen every three months.

Airbnb Superhost Maintenance

Airbnb Superhost status maintenance

The “Superhost” can be accessed by clicking the “Insights” section. Remember, it is only valid for a limited time, and to preserve it, you must deliver great service and earn a 4.8 rating overall.

Check-list of how to become an Airbnb Superhost

Very important: there is no “magic button” or “advertising agent.” Airbnb is a system of many small steps that leads to your property being rented at a good price to good tenants.

1. Decide what exactly you offer to people

  • Do you have an apartment, house, or room?
  • Will you live there?
  • Will it be a problem for you if someone rents a house for 2-3 weeks?
  • How will your guests or relatives perceive it?
  • And if your wife (daughter, mother) comes and also decides to move in? Are you ready for this?

Your Airbnb listing must clearly identify the property the guest is paying for. If you enter this item incorrectly, the guest may complain and your profile on Airbnb will be blocked permanently.

2. Pay enough attention to guests’ reviews

If you have bad negative reviews, then you will immediately fall into the bottom of the issue. This is not a good recommendation for you as a host.

Tips for getting positive reviews on Airbnb

Advice Description
Communicate clearly Make sure your guests know what to expect before they arrive. Communicate about check-in and check-out procedures, amenities, and house rules. Respond promptly to any questions or concerns during renters’ stay.
Provide a clean and comfortable space Your guests will appreciate a clean and comfortable space. Please provide them with fresh linens and towels. Add some extra touches like fresh flowers or a welcome basket.
Be a good host Be friendly and welcoming to your guests. Offer suggestions for things to do in the area, and be available to answer any questions they may have. Be responsive and try to resolve them as quickly as possible.
Ask for feedback After your guests check out, ask them for feedback on their stay. This can help you identify areas where you can improve and show that you value their opinions.
Go the extra mile Consider going above and beyond for your guests. This could be as simple as leaving a personalized note or offering a complimentary bottle of wine. Little touches can greatly impact your guests’ experience.
Keep your listing up to date Make sure your listing accurately reflects your space and amenities. If anything changes, such as the availability of certain amenities or a change in check-in procedures, update your listing promptly.
Offer incentives Consider offering incentives for guests who leave a positive review, such as a discount on their next stay or a free night’s stay. This can encourage guests to leave a review and can help boost your ratings.
Be honest Don’t oversell your space or make promises you can’t keep. Be honest about what your space offers, and be clear about any limitations or restrictions.

You need to receive only positive feedback. That is, it is necessary to provide for almost everything, from meeting a guest to the fact that in your bathroom, there is not a rug, but a clean towel of a different color.

3. 90% of success depends on the photos of the apartment

Take lots of high-quality photos of your property. It pays off many times over. You should not post your photos if you have a phone but are not a photographer. Invite someone who knows how to take pictures and make selling photos that interest people.

  • Show a mattress, blanket, and pillows instead of a crystal chandelier. For any traveler, the most important thing is a bed.
  • Show the bed the way the guest sees it. There is no need to show the bed you have prepared for the photo shoot, and everything is different with you when a guest arrives.
  • If you have a seaside city and a beach season, don’t say you have a great view from the window if it overlooks a neighboring house.

Don’t be too lazy to photo each room in good quality. It is better to capture plumbing close-up, showing that it is spotless if not new. If you need professional help with taking photos, this great photo proposal is for you.

4. Write a clear and honest listing description

Based on personal experience and experience with other hosts on Airbnb, 90% of success is photos and reviews, and 10% is a description. But the description is the first two lines!

Airbnb description recommendations

10 recommendations for writing perfect descriptions for Airbnb listings

There are core values. It’s food, entertainment, and savings. Wealthy or poor renters always want to save money. Therefore, your description should be complete and valuable to the client. Tell about the shops, how far the beach is, is there a parking lot, a supermarket, or a restaurant.

5. Add info about transport, shops, and attractions for guests

Usually, the traveler knows very little about your city. What is obvious to you for the client can become important information that saves time and money. You can leave for your guests:

  • A map of the city;
  • A metro map;
  • Booklets from nearby stores;
  • Brochures about museums.

If you live in a big city, don’t be lazy to collect discount coupons from shops and restaurants. They may not be useful to you, but they will bring savings to the guest, for which he will thank you in the review.

6. Count the number of beds in your property

In the world of professional travelers, 140 centimeters is a bed for one. If you list your bed (140 centimeters) as a bed for 2 people, then be prepared for people not to get enough sleep and give you a negative review.

Bed size recommendations for Airbnb listings

Mattress Size Size (cm) Size (in) Minimum Room Size
Twin/Single 99cm x 191cm 39in x 75in 7.4 square meters (80 square feet)
Twin XL 99cm x 203cm 39in x 80in 7.4 square meters (80 square feet)
Full/Double 137cm x 191cm 54in x 75in 9.3 square meters (100 square feet)
Queen 152cm x 203cm 60in x 80in 11.1 square meters (120 square feet)
King 193cm x 203cm 76in x 80in 13.9 square meters (150 square feet)
California King 183cm x 213cm 72in x 84in 13.9 square meters (150 square feet)

Number of beds = number of blankets. You’re mistaken if you have 2-person beds and think one blanket is enough. Imagine that two friends come to you. They are not ready to sleep under one blanket. The impression of staying at your home will immediately deteriorate.

7. Don’t forget about a quality listing title

Do not write “banality”; it does not work! Your name should be specific and easy to remember. So that you can say on the phone: “Honey, let’s stop at the Swallow’s Nest?”. Here are 5 potential listing titles:

  • “Charming Studio in the Heart of [City Name]: Walk Everywhere!”
  • “Luxury Penthouse with Panoramic Views of [City Name]”
  • “Serenity in the City: Relaxing Retreat with Private Garden”
  • “Stylish Apartment with Modern Amenities in the Trendy [Neighborhood Name] District”
  • “Family-Friendly Home with Pool and Playground in Quiet Residential Area”

The title should be short! Don’t write: “38.5 square meters.” Give something clear and understandable. But don’t overdo it! If you write: “apartment for a little princess” and there – “hut for a seamstress-minder,” you can run into problems.

8. Equip your home with household appliances

Set the minimum set of equipment. It includes a washing machine, microwave, Wi-Fi router, and cable TV. Update plumbing and hang fresh curtains, preferably blackout. The specified set is quite enough for tenants to be satisfied with their stay, even in the “grandmother’s version.”

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove and oven
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Coffee maker
  • Toaster or toaster oven
  • Electric kettle
  • Washer and dryer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioning or fans
  • Heater or fireplace
  • Television
  • High-speed internet and Wi-Fi
  • Smart lock / keyless entry system
  • Security camera or alarm system
  • Smoke detector

Too few plates and forks or a lack of slippers may be a reason for a negative review and a bad rating. The same goes for shabby bed linen, the sad appearance of towels that do not absorb water, or their absence, which is not uncommon.

9. Always do a little more than usual

In order not only to avoid censure in the reviews but also to get a high rating. According to Airbnb superhosts, this is the easiest and cheapest way to earn the sympathy of guests. Small surprises cost almost nothing, but they show care and a good attitude.

Airbnb welcome gifts for guests promote listing

6 Airbnb Welcome Gift Ideas for Guests

Place a few bottles of mineral water or a bottle of wine with a welcome note in the fridge. And imagine how the guests will feel if, after moving in, they receive a light breakfast, even if the food was not promised!

10. Make instructions for using home electronics

As experienced Airbnb Superhosts note, many bad ratings are given because guests cannot use household appliances. Even microwaves of different brands can have differences in control, not to mention the interfaces of washing machines.

Make appropriate notes to prevent the guest from trying to start the air conditioner with the TV remote control. Make-up manuals for using the same Wi-Fi and washing machine. This is especially relevant if there are foreigners among the guests who do not understand the local language.

11. Decide on your target audience on Airbnb

Airbnb is very sensitive about this. Be careful about who you have prepared housing for.

  • If you have a 2 or 3-room apartment, it may be suitable for business travelers, families with children;
  • If you have a 1-room apartment, it can be positioned for “solo travelers” or for a couple without children and animals;
  • If you have a villa for 16 people, it is perfect for large groups of friends, for loud and big events, etc.

When you know exactly who your client is, then you will respond to their requests and desires, targeting directly to him. The most common mistake: you put “I am for everyone” (“We can accept couples, solo travelers, and business travelers, and with children …”).

12. Take care of little things for renters

It is necessary to decide what is not there and buy everything you need. Your property should have everything: an air conditioner, a disposable toothbrush, napkins, and towels. It all increases your status and your level.

With the same price and the availability of what you bought in addition, you will have more travelers and orders! An Airbnb host requires useful little things.

13. Consider Airbnb instant booking option

This platform has two types of bookings: on-request and instant. Everyone, of course, puts “Instant Booking.” But there are several nuances here. For example, will they clean the housing a couple of hours after the last tenant?

Airbnb instant booking

Airbnb instant booking recommendation

Before enabling instant booking, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Find out for yourself if you are ready to work in this mode?
  • Do you have electronic locks?
  • Are you ready to get up when guests arrive at your place at 6 am to check in or check out?
  • Will you rise like this constantly?
  • You need to think through everything from A to Z to compare the pros and cons of instant booking to having someone to catch up with if you get sick, leave or oversleep.
  • You need a person who will come up to your apartment and solve the problem of the guests.
  • Let’s say your cleaning lady is sick, or your smoke detector goes off at 2:00 a.m. Do you have a person to come there?

You have to be careful about instant bookings. This beneficial option attracts many times more customers but requires discipline and clarity in work.

14. Always be in touch with your guests

Often, a very serious problem can be solved with one call. For example, they urgently need to access the Internet but cannot connect to the Wi-Fi. The thing is that the router is a bit old and needs to be rebooted periodically. The owner knows about this and, in no time, will help to eliminate the defect by phone.

However, even for a second conversation, the tenant must call you in time, so it is important to “not disappear” after renting the apartment. Having the opportunity to consult with the host at any time, the guest will feel secure and will make a good impression about living.

15. Put yourself in the shoes of a client

Look at the rented accommodation and related services through the eyes of guests. Imagine that it is not you who rents out your apartment, but it is you who moves into this apartment for a temporary residence.

  • What shortcomings will catch your eye immediately, and which ones will “come out” in a few days?
  • What do you expect from a landlord?
  • What needs to be changed in the environment for a comfortable life?

If you honestly answer these questions and draw practical conclusions, then sooner or later – be sure to become an Airbnb Superhost!

As a conclusion

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost can be challenging, but it is certainly possible with hard work and dedication. The benefits of being a Superhost can be significant, but it also comes with added responsibilities to maintain high standards of service and hospitality.

Frequently asked questions
about becoming an Airbnb Superhost

1. How much do Airbnb Superhosts make?

Airbnb says Superhosts can earn up to 22% more than regular hosts. However, earnings can vary significantly depending on different factors, and being a Superhost does not guarantee profitability. Ultimately, the amount a Superhost can earn on Airbnb depends on their effort and investment in their hosting business.

Airbnb Superhost earnings by location and listing type

Location Private Room Entire Home
San Francisco $2,500 $5,000
New York City $2,000 $4,500
London $1,800 $4,000
Tokyo $1,500 $3,500

2. What benefits do Airbnb Superhosts get?

Becoming a Superhost on Airbnb can increase your visibility, earnings, and provide a sense of recognition for your hard work. However, it requires consistent effort and high standards, and it’s not a guarantee of success or profitability. Whether it’s worth it depends on your individual goals as a host.

3. Is it worth being a Superhost on Airbnb?

Becoming a Superhost on Airbnb can have several benefits, such as increased visibility, higher earnings, and a sense of recognition for your hard work. However, it requires consistent effort and high standards, and it’s not a guarantee of success or profitability. Whether it’s worth becoming a Superhost depends on your individual goals as a host and how much you’re willing to invest in your hosting business.

4. How many stars do you need to be a Superhost on Airbnb?

Having a specific number of stars is not a requirement to become a Superhost on Airbnb. Airbnb evaluates several criteria, such as response rate, acceptance rate, ratings and reviews, and trip completion, to determine Superhost status. Consistently meeting these high standards is necessary to qualify as a Superhost.

5. What qualifies you as a Superhost?

Superhost is a status awarded by Airbnb to hosts who meet specific criteria, such as a high response rate, a low cancellation rate, excellent guest reviews, and a commitment to providing outstanding hospitality. To qualify as a Superhost, you must consistently maintain these standards over time.

6. Do Superhosts stay at the property?

No, Superhosts are not required to stay at the property, but they are expected to provide a high level of hospitality to their guests. Whether or not they stay at the property depends on their preference and circumstances.

7. Is it hard to get Superhost?

Achieving Superhost status on Airbnb can be challenging due to the high standards required. Here are some of the most challenging requirements to meet to achieve Superhost status on Airbnb:

  • Maintaining a high response rate. Hosts are expected to respond promptly to guest inquiries and booking requests, with a response rate of at least 90%.
  • Keeping a low cancellation rate. Hosts must maintain a cancellation rate of less than 1%, which can be challenging if unexpected circumstances arise.
  • Receiving excellent reviews. Hosts need to consistently receive positive reviews from guests, with an overall rating of at least 4.8 stars.
  • Providing outstanding hospitality. Hosts are expected to go above and beyond to ensure their guests have an excellent experience, which can be challenging if they have a high volume of bookings or guests with different needs and preferences.

8. What is the Superhost 4 times in a row bonus?

The Superhost 4 times in a row bonus is a reward program offered by Airbnb to hosts who maintain Superhost status for four consecutive assessment periods, each three months long. The reward includes a $100 travel credit that can be used for a future Airbnb trip.
To be eligible for the Superhost 4 times in a row bonus, hosts must maintain their Superhost status for four consecutive assessment periods, without any significant drops in their performance metrics.

9. Why am I not a Superhost?

Here are some common reasons why hosts may not achieve Superhost status:

  • Low response rate. If you don’t respond to guest inquiries or booking requests promptly, your response rate may be lower than the required 90%.
  • High cancellation rate. Suppose you cancel bookings frequently or have many guests canceling their bookings with you. Your cancellation rate may be higher than the allowed 1% in that case.
  • Poor reviews. If guests leave negative reviews or ratings, it can impact your overall review score, which needs to be at least 4.8 stars to achieve Superhost status.
  • Lack of bookings. If you don’t have a high volume of bookings or haven’t hosted many guests recently, achieving the required number of completed stays within the assessment period can be challenging.
  • Insufficient commitment to hospitality. If you don’t consistently provide exceptional hospitality and meet the required cleanliness, communication, and guest satisfaction standards, it can impact your Superhost eligibility.

If you’re unsure why you’re not a Superhost or what you can do to improve your performance, you can review the Superhost criteria on Airbnb and reach out to Airbnb support for more guidance.

10. What is the benefit of being a Superhost?

Here are some benefits of being a Superhost on Airbnb:

  • Superhosts are featured prominently on Airbnb’s website, which can lead to more bookings and exposure for their listings.
  • Airbnb’s search algorithm gives priority to Superhosts, which can help their listings appear higher in search results.
  • Superhosts are often preferred by guests, as they have a proven track record of providing exceptional hospitality, leading to more bookings and higher occupancy rates.
  • Higher rates. Superhosts can charge higher rates for their listings, as guests are willing to pay more for the added assurance of a high-quality stay.
  • Superhosts have access to a range of exclusive benefits, such as priority customer support, early access to new features, and a $100 USD travel credit for maintaining Superhost status for four consecutive assessment periods.
  • Superhost status is a recognized symbol of excellence within the Airbnb community, which can increase a host’s credibility and reputation on the platform.

Overall, being a Superhost on Airbnb can provide hosts with a range of benefits, from increased visibility and bookings to higher rates and exclusive perks.

11. How many times can Superhost cancel?

Superhosts can cancel penalty-free in case of extenuating circumstances. However, canceling too many reservations can result in penalties, such as losing Superhost status or temporarily suspending their account. Therefore, it’s important to avoid cancellations whenever possible and maintain high commitment to guests.

12. What is better than Superhost on Airbnb?

Superhost is the highest recognition given to hosts. However, there are a few additional programs and designations that hosts can strive for to enhance their status and visibility on the platform. These include:

  • Airbnb Plus. This program recognizes hosts who offer high-quality, well-designed homes and exceptional hospitality. Homes are verified through an in-person inspection and must meet specific criteria to qualify.
  • Airbnb Luxe. This luxury program features extraordinary homes with exceptional amenities and services. Airbnb personally verifies all homes to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and comfort.
  • Airbnb Ambassador. This program is for experienced hosts passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with other hosts. Ambassadors serve as mentors and educators to help other hosts succeed on the platform.

While Superhost is the highest recognition for individual hosts, these additional programs can help hosts stand out and attract more bookings by offering exceptional experiences to guests.

13. How do I lose my Airbnb Superhost?

If a Superhost’s performance metrics fall below the required standards during the assessment period, they may lose their Superhost status.

Reasons for losing Airbnb Superhost status

Reasons Criteria
Low response rate A response rate below 90% for the most recent assessment period.
High cancellation rate A cancellation rate higher than 1% for confirmed bookings during the most recent assessment period or frequent cancellation of bookings.
Poor reviews An overall rating of less than 4.8 stars based on the reviews and ratings received during the most recent assessment period.
Insufficient commitment to hospitality Failure to meet the required standards for cleanliness, communication, and guest satisfaction as determined by Airbnb during the most recent assessment period.

Note: Superhost status is assessed every three months, so hosts can regain their Superhost status by meeting the criteria in the next assessment period.

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