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Take Your Airbnb to the Next Level. Attract More Bookings For Your Properties

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process of growing the number of visitors and the quality of visitors to your page. Airbnb SEO is search engine optimization for Airbnb hosts. This means that you are optimizing your listing description, photos, and your actions on the platform to improve your rankings on Airbnb.

We help elevate your listing to a higher search ranking position, which means more potential guests will see your property, and lead to you getting more bookings.

Grow and Optimize Your Airbnb Listing – There is more competition on Airbnb every day and it’s getting harder to stand out! There are luckily some settings and options you can take in order to stand out, get boosted and therefore increase your bookings and be more profitable!

The package includes:

  • Determining the property’s major selling points
  • Analyzing photos for a selling points, correct order, attractiveness, impact on customers.
  • Checking current listing’s position both in Airbnb and Google search results
  • Analyzing titles and descriptions for efficiency in terms of SEO and major selling points
  • Analyzing Airbnb listing’s statistics
  • Checking the Cancellation policy, House rules
  • Checking important listing settings (Max/min stay, Location point etc.)
  • Providing recommendations based on all the above checks and analyses
  • And our secret sauce – the checklist with the most important listing’s metrics for further self-monitoring of the listing

Not only will you get a beautifully written listing, but specialist tips and advice that satisfy Airbnb’s algorithm – ensuring you optimal search ranking!

What You Get

  1. Rank Higher in Search. Better ranking & branding = more rental views.
  2. Get More Rental Views. More views means higher booking potential.
  3. Raise Your Occupancy Rate. Larger booking potential means higher occupancy.
  4. Improve Ratings & Reviews. Happiness & higher occupancy means more reviews.
  5. Increase Your Nightly Rate. A higher rate means more income.
  6. Maximize Your Income. More income means more success.

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