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Professional WooCommerce Plugin Whether you need a simple extension to add a specific feature or a complex plugin that integrates multiple functionalities, our team is well-equipped to handle projects of any complexity. Our plugins offer flexibility, scalability, and integration capabilities, enhancing user experience and potentially increasing sales. ... Show all ↓

Clean & Secure Code We develop software that is easy to understand, maintain, highly secure, and optimally performing. Our team follows accepted standards and practices, which ultimately enhance both the immediate and long-term functionality of your WooCommerce plugin. ... Show all ↓

Troubleshooting & Repair Service As an additional service, we can fix existing issues in WooCommerce, plugins, and theme. We efficiently diagnose and resolve any issues you encounter with your website, ensuring its smooth operation. By meticulously analyzing your setup and applying tailored solutions, we aim to minimize downtime and enhance your website's overall performance. Our commitment is to promptly respond and deliver solutions, with the timeframe depending on the issue's complexity. ... Show all ↓

Video Instructions You will be fully equipped to utilize our custom-developed plugins. We provide comprehensive video guides, if necessary, covering everything from installation and setup to customization and feature utilization. By highlighting unique features and functionalities, we empower you to maximize the plugin's potential, enhancing your website's efficiency and user experience. ... Show all ↓

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    Our Ready-Made WordPress Plugins

    Unique Airbnb Listings Importer Import public listings from your Airbnb into WordPress WooCommerce. Transfer all your listings from your Airbnb in one click – text, options, photos. Price, availability, text, and listing options synchronization with Airbnb (using an unofficial API with certain restrictions). ... Show all ↓

    Unique Airbnb Reviews Importer Import all reviews from your Airbnb listings into WordPress. You can display them all in one page, or attach to the specific product (WooCommerce or other e-commerce solution). ... Show all ↓

    Properties Analitics Analyze important indicators, allows to group listings and keep all important information in one place. Integrated with the planner and WooCommerce. Receives part of the data in automatic mode directly from OTA channels. ... Show all ↓

    Custom Planner Custom lightweight and fast task scheduler integrated with listing analytics and project manager. The advantage of the custom solution is the ability to create a unique set of functions. ... Show all ↓

    Project Manager Quick and easy project manager. Tightly integrated with the Task Planner. Allows you to group tasks into projects and track their progress. ... Show all ↓

    Unique Airbnb Analitics Automatically record changes in prices, reviews, and other parameters of listings on your Airbnb account. Allows you to draw conclusions about the impact of the monitored parameters on the studied indicators in Airbnb listings. ... Show all ↓

    Intranet Documentation Create a secure section on your website with documentation or other important information, conveniently divided into logical groups. There is support for different levels of user access. ... Show all ↓

    Airbnb on Google Maps Display all your listings on a google map. Can be used by managers to speed up the study of important features of the listing location. ... Show all ↓

    Сustom Booking Statistics Booking statistics system with the function of automatic importing bookings from Airbnb, Booking, VRBO. Can be expanded and have a data analysis system of any required functionality. ... Show all ↓

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    Airbnb Listings ImporterAirbnb Listings Importer
    Airbnb listings on websiteAirbnb listings on website
    Airbnb Reviews ImporterAirbnb Reviews Importer
    Properties AnaliticsProperties Analitics
    Custom PlannerCustom Planner
    Project ManagerProject Manager
    Airbnb AnaliticsAirbnb Analitics
    Intranet DocumentationIntranet Documentation
    Airbnb on Google Maps Airbnb on Google Maps
    Сustom Booking StatisticsСustom Booking Statistics

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    Our WooCommerce plugin development services offer customized solutions to improve the functionality and performance of your online store, increase engagement, conversions and optimize eCommerce operations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of developing WooCommerce plugin?

    The pricing starts at $2,700 per plugin. This base cost reflects the complexity and scope of developing a custom plugin for WooCommerce. The final price may vary depending on several factors, including the desired features, level of customization, and development time required.

    How many plugins are too many for WooCommerce?

    No fixed number can be universally deemed excessively high, but we recommend installing fewer than 20 plugins on your WooCommerce website. Nonetheless, the limit may differ based on your server’s capacity, the plugins’ quality, and your website’s specific needs.

    What is the best plugin to speed up WooCommerce?

    WP Rocket and WP Super Cache are two popular plugins for speeding up WooCommerce. They create static versions of your pages and reduce server load. For optimizing CSS, JavaScript, and images, Autoptimize and Smush are great options.

    What is the recommended number of plugins?

    We recommend installing no more than 20 at a time.

    What is a WooCommerce plugin?

    A WooCommerce plugin is a software extension or add-on that enhances the functionality and features of a WooCommerce-powered website.

    How does WooCommerce plugin work?

    Each plugin offers different features and functionality. For instance, a payment gateway plugin allows customers to choose from more payment options, while a product management plugin improves your ability to display and promote products.

    Once you activate and set up a plugin, it becomes part of your WooCommerce store. It brings in new functionalities or improves existing ones.

    Why use WooCommerce plugin?

    Choosing the WooCommerce plugin has lots of perks. You get to make your online store just how you like it. Plus, it’s all up to you – managing your products, taking care of payments, and fitting in with WordPress. You can even use other plugins to make it even better.

    Can I delete WooCommerce plugin?

    Yes, you can delete the WooCommerce plugin from your WordPress website if you no longer wish to use it.

    What is the use of WooCommerce plugin?

    he WooCommerce plugin turns your website into an online store. It lets you sell stuff directly from your site – whether that’s rental bookings, merchandise, or anything else.

    You can customize it how you want, manage payments, and it plays well with WordPress. It’s like the cash register for your online shop.

    What is WooCommerce services plugin?

    The WooCommerce Services plugin is an extension for WooCommerce, a popular platform for creating online stores using WordPress.

    It provides additional features and tools to enhance your store’s functionality. With this plugin, you can easily handle shipping, calculate taxes, integrate payment options, analyze your store’s performance, and implement marketing strategies.

    It simplifies the management of your online store.

    How do I customize my WooCommerce plugin?

    We can make specific changes to the plugin to match your needs and make it work exactly how you want, whether adding new features, modifying existing ones or changing its appearance.

    What are the benefits of WooCommerce plugins?

    WooCommerce plugins enhance your online store by adding innovative features, allowing you to customize its appearance, and providing scalability as your business grows.

    They also simplify the shopping experience for your customers, save you time and money, and can even boost your store’s visibility on search engines.

    What is the difference between WooCommerce extension and plugin?

    An extension is like an add-on for WordPress that relies on a main plugin to operate effectively. Specifically, if you want to utilize WooCommerce extensions, you need to have the WooCommerce plugin installed as the foundation.

    What is one primary drawback of the WooCommerce plugin?

    One primary drawback of the WooCommerce plugin is its performance issues, especially with large product catalogs or high website traffic.

    However, our plugin development methodology avoids this shortcoming. We use optimization techniques such as efficient database queries, caching mechanisms, code optimization, scalability considerations, and rigorous performance testing.

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