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  • Creating plugins of almost any complexity
  • Hospitality and e-commerce specialization
  • Secure and high-performance solutions
  • 30 days of free bug fixing support
From $3,500 /plugin

Ready-Made Plugins

  • Fast and secure implementation
  • Tested and verified multiple times
  • Ready-made documentation
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From 2,850 $2,500 /plugin

Extented Support

  • Advanced data security measures
  • 90 days of free bug fixing support
  • Direct support from our lead developers
  • Comprehensive video-tutorials
From $4,200 /plugin

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    Our Ready-Made WordPress Plugins

    Unique Airbnb Listings Importer Import public listings from your Airbnb into WordPress WooCommerce. Transfer all your listings from your Airbnb in one click – text, options, photos. Price, availability, text, and listing options synchronization with Airbnb (using an unofficial API with certain restrictions). ... Show all ↓

    Unique Airbnb Reviews Importer Import all reviews from your Airbnb listings into WordPress. You can display them all in one page, or attach to the specific product (WooCommerce or other e-commerce solution). ... Show all ↓

    Properties Analitics Analyze important indicators, allows to group listings and keep all important information in one place. Integrated with the planner and WooCommerce. Receives part of the data in automatic mode directly from OTA channels. ... Show all ↓

    Custom Planner Custom lightweight and fast task scheduler integrated with listing analytics and project manager. The advantage of the custom solution is the ability to create a unique set of functions. ... Show all ↓

    Project Manager Quick and easy project manager. Tightly integrated with the Task Planner. Allows you to group tasks into projects and track their progress. ... Show all ↓

    Unique Airbnb Analitics Automatically record changes in prices, reviews, and other parameters of listings on your Airbnb account. Allows you to draw conclusions about the impact of the monitored parameters on the studied indicators in Airbnb listings. ... Show all ↓

    Intranet Documentation Create a secure section on your website with documentation or other important information, conveniently divided into logical groups. There is support for different levels of user access. ... Show all ↓

    Airbnb on Google Maps Display all your listings on a google map. Can be used by managers to speed up the study of important features of the listing location. ... Show all ↓

    Сustom Booking Statistics Booking statistics system with the function of automatic importing bookings from Airbnb, Booking, VRBO. Can be expanded and have a data analysis system of any required functionality. ... Show all ↓

    Unique Professional Solutions You
    Won't Find Anywhere Else!

    Airbnb Listings ImporterAirbnb Listings Importer
    Airbnb listings on websiteAirbnb listings on website
    Airbnb Reviews ImporterAirbnb Reviews Importer
    Properties AnaliticsProperties Analitics
    Custom PlannerCustom Planner
    Project ManagerProject Manager
    Airbnb AnaliticsAirbnb Analitics
    Intranet DocumentationIntranet Documentation
    Airbnb on Google Maps Airbnb on Google Maps
    Сustom Booking StatisticsСustom Booking Statistics

    Excelling in Bespoke Solutions for
    Hospitality & E-Commerce

    You Will Get From Us:

    Professional Plugin Development We understand the importance of tailored solutions for your unique business needs and are ready to fit your requirements of any complexity.

    Key pointClean and Secure Code We use coding best practices and standards to ensure optimal performance and security for your site. You get easy-to-maintain code with minimal risk of bugs and vulnerabilities.

    Free Support Period In this way, we ensure the smooth operation of the newly installed plugin. The maintenance period lets us quickly resolve and correct any initial issues or bugs.

    Video Tutorials We provide a video tutorial where operations with plugin are divided into simple, easy-to-follow steps, if necessary. Thus, you can utilize the plugin to its full potential.

    Type of Plugins We Create

    Airbnb Syncronization & Data Import Seamlessly synchronize data between your website and
    Airbnb for accurate listing information and streamlined bookings
    Custom Planners & Project Managers Get customized planning and project management tools
    to efficiently organize tasks and resources for smooth project execution
    Stripe & Paypal Integration Integrate secure payment gateways into your website
    for seamless and secure online transactions
    API Integration into a Website Connect your website with external services, databases,
    or platforms using APIs for enhanced functionality
    Intranet Portals & Analytics System Create secure intranet portals for centralized access
    to information and collaborate effectively, with plugins available for analytics systems to track website performance
    WooCommerce Plugin Developing Enhance your online store with custom WooCommerce
    plugins tailored to meet your unique requirements and boost eCommerce success

    How Do we Work

    Our company creates unique custom WordPress plugins from scratch based on a comprehensive study of your needs. We guarantee high-quality solutions through rigorous testing and customization, which ultimately increases the performance and usability of your site.

    Define Purpose & Functionality

    Research &

    Design & Wireframing

    Development & Testing

    Quality Assurance & Full Payment

    Support & Maintenance

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do i need WordPress plugins?

    WordPress plugins improve your site by extending functionality and optimizing performance. Plugins offer a way to customize your website according to your specific requirements. They automate complex tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity. They also increase user engagement and site security, creating a better and safer user experience.

    Should I use SEO plugin in WordPress?

    Absolutely, SEO plugins can be incredibly beneficial for your website. It can help optimize your content for search engines. It can also simplify complex SEO tasks such as meta tag creation, XML sitemap generation, and keyword optimization, making it easier for you to manage and improve your site's SEO performance.

    Do WordPress plugins slow down website?

    Since many site owners do not know coding, plugins are a quick fix solution. However, adding too many plugins to your WordPress website can become problematic. A good rule of thumb is to never exceed 20 plugins. Too many plugins slow down your website and hamper load-times.

    What is included in the cost of WP plugin development?

    • Discussions with the client about the specifics of the order, and possibly some market research.
    • Design: This involves creating a blueprint for how the plugin will work. It includes planning the user interface and user experience (UI/UX), as well as the database design and the overall architecture of the plugin.
    • Development: This is the actual coding of the plugin, and it's usually the most labor-intensive part of the process. The cost will depend on the complexity of the plugin, the level of customization required, and the rate of the developer or development team.
    • Testing: After the plugin is developed, it needs to be thoroughly tested to make sure it works as intended and doesn't have any bugs. This includes functional testing, usability testing, performance testing, and security testing.
    • Documentation: Good plugins come with documentation that explains how to install them, how to use them, and how to troubleshoot common problems. Writing this documentation can be time-consuming and therefore adds to the cost.
    • Support and Maintenance: After the plugin is released, there may be ongoing costs for support and maintenance. This can include handling user questions and problems, fixing bugs, and updating the plugin

    What is benefit of WordPress plugin?

    • Ease of Use. Many plugins offer user-friendly interfaces that allow even beginners to implement complex features on their sites without needing to know how to code.
    • Time Saving: Coding new features from scratch can be very time-consuming. With plugins, you can add features instantly with a few clicks.
    • Security: Some WordPress plugins focus specifically on security, offering features like spam protection, firewall settings, and security scanning. These can help to keep your site secure from various online threats.
    • Plugins provide developers the flexibility to customize site features and functionality. Most plugins allow some settings to be turned on and off and styles such as fonts, colors, and sizes.

    Are WordPress plugins necessary?

    Yes, if you want to extend the functionality of your site and customize it to your specific needs. They facilitate everything from SEO optimization and performance improvements to security and aesthetic enhancements.

    What is WordPress plugin development?

    Developing unique software add-ons to increase and customize a WordPress site's functionality is known as "WordPress plugin development.

    Do professionals use WordPress plugins?

    Yes, experts utilize WordPress plugins frequently to increase the functioning of their websites. Numerous extra features and tools, like contact forms, e-commerce capabilities, social network interfaces, security upgrades, and more, may be offered through plugins.

    Should I delete WordPress plugins?

    It is vital to remove any unused WordPress plugins to maintain your site's health. Uninstalled plugins can leave residual data, referred to as orphaned rows, in your database tables. If not addressed, these leftover entries can contribute to database bloating and potential security concerns.Keep your database clean and organized.

    Are paid plugins worth it?

    Yes, paid plugins can often be worth the investment. While there are many excellent free plugins available, paid plugins usually offer a number of advantages such as superior support, more features, regular updates and better documentation.

    Are WordPress plugins safe?

    Most WordPress plugins are safe to use. However, some plugins may come with security risks. These risks can be mitigated by performing basic due diligence before installing any plugin.

    How quickly do you create a WordPress plugin?

    The development of a simple plugin with basic features can take from a few days to a couple of weeks. For a more complex plugin with advanced features and functionalities, development could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You can discuss your specific requirements with us.

    Can I use multiple plugins in WordPress?

    Yes, you can certainly use multiple plugins on your WordPress website. WordPress allows you to install one plugin at a time from the admin dashboard. Manually installing multiple plugins, one by one, can take a few extra minutes.

    Are WordPress plugins a one-time purchase?

    Some WordPress plugins can be purchased as a lump sum, but many work on a subscription model, requiring an annual or monthly fee. This fee usually includes ongoing support and updates.

    What is the difference between plugins and extensions?

    Extensions are intended to broaden or adapt the capabilities of your website, while plugins are dedicated to executing specific tasks or functions. Generally, plugins enhance functionality by enabling user login procedures or integrating e-commerce features into a website.

    What kind of payment tools do you use with customers?

    So, we work with many payment tools for direct payments with customers like Paypal, Stripe, Zelle, direct deposit, and cash apps.

    Our Keys To Success

    Site performance
    User data protection
    Improved customer retention
    Robust Customer
    Improved website uptime
    Testing Across
    Minimizing issues
    Seamless user experience

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