Airbnb Management in the Dominican Republic – The Best Way to Run Airbnb

Airbnb Management company gives clients the best short-term rental rates and ensures they get maximum satisfaction. Additionally, they make sure homeowners get the best return on their property.

Many property investors in the Dominican Republic use this platform strategy to maximize their rental income over a short period against long-term tenancies. However, some investors are too inexperienced and overly busy to directly manage their rental properties.

Managing short-term rental properties is much more complicated and time-consuming than long-term tenancies or leases. Several factors are involved in the running of Airbnb rentals. Therefore, hiring management companies is the next best alternative.

Villa in Punta Cana

Villa in Punta Cana – Under CHM Airbnb management

What Airbnb Management Companies Can Do

Airbnb property management companies in the Dominican Republic provide specific services in the management of rentals. Below are the services they provide.

1. Marketing and Listing of Properties

It is impossible to attract tenants to your home if you don’t list the property on booking platforms. Listing is just one part – marketing it properly will make your listing reach a wider audience. Still, some companies will only list and carry out poor marketing strategies.

Airbnb management companies like CHM LLC will get your properties listed on big multiple booking platforms like Before doing that, they will ensure that the initial assessment of your properties is performed to understand the best way to list them in order to look appealing to the target guests.

After the assessment, the management company takes professional photos of the property, including all the significant spaces. Well-taken photos increase the chances of the properties being booked.

2. Coordinating Check-Ins and Handling Communication

Apart from listing and advertising, most management companies coordinate check-ins and communicate with potential guests interested in booking your listed properties. They answer all the questions the guests may have and makes sure that they live comfortably.

Compared to self-managed hosts, Airbnb property managers offer incredible support to the guests. They are always available to handle guests’ requests and attend to their questions.

3. Ensuring the Property Is Tidy Timely

Guests’ comfort is the number one priority, and they won’t be comfortable in a place that’s not properly cleaned. A tidy property is one factor that maximizes the guest’s experience.

Most self-managed Airbnb hosts don’t clean their properties up to standards. This is what a property manager would solve. They ensure that the property is cleaned timely and linens are to be changed, and some essential materials are restocked.

Unlike independent cleaning services that may not always be available to clean the property when due, the managers have different exceptional cleaners that are always available and on-call. They carry out routine cleaning services like vacuuming the floor, emptying the bins, washing the dishes, making beds, etc.

4. Setting Prices and Managing Revenue

These companies don’t just set the price of a listing on a booking platform and forget it – they manage the property’s pricing so that not so much revenue is lost as a result of the property’s listing on those platforms. They analyze data and rates from other properties, adjust the price to meet the trendy market, and track events that increase demand to optimize price opportunities.

5. Maintaining Properties

This is another core duty of management companies, although different companies offer varying maintenance levels from notifying the owners of the property of issues to being proactive in fixing the problems without delay. They inspect the electricals, AC units, leaking pipes, etc., for possible damage.

Short-term rental properties are inspected more often than long-term rentals, and that’s why property owners hire these companies to oversee the day-to-day operations of their property.

Best Airbnb Management Company
In the Dominican Republic

Complete Hospitality Management LLC is the leading, licensed Airbnb management company in the Dominican Republic that ensures your properties are professionally managed and maintained. The company ensures that the properties are properly cleaned before the arrival of the guests for their ease and comfort.

Why Choose Us

  • Property owners rank CHM LLC number one in the Dominican Republic because of its exceptional rental marketing expertise and five-star guest services. We are deeply knowledgeable about short-term vacation rentals and employ diverse marketing techniques to boost bookings and promote listings, regardless of how competitive the locations of the rental properties are.
  • CHM LLC has vast experience in Airbnb property management as well as the real estate industry. We boast of the highest occupancy rate of rented properties in the Dominican Republic. CHM LLC does all the hard work of finding the right tenants for your home, setting rental rates, marketing, and handling communication with guests.
  • We take away the stress and headaches of self-managing your properties and guarantee increased rental income. The best of it all is that we do all these at a reasonable management fee.
Villa Waterfall

Villa Waterfall – Under CHM Airbnb management


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it hard to run an Airbnb?

No, it is not hard to run one if you hire an excellent Airbnb management company. Self-managing your rental properties can be complicated and time-consuming.

2. How much time does it take to manage an Airbnb?

It depends on the type of vacation home you want to rent out. Typically, it takes about 2-3 hours to manage an Airbnb property in a day and about eight hours when there is a change-over of guests.

3. Can you pay someone to manage your Airbnb?

You can pay a management company to manage your properties.

4. How much does Airbnb Management cost?

It depends on the payment structure. For the commission model, the management costs an average of 28% of the total revenue. Some companies opt for a fixed monthly income.

5. What is the best way to run Airbnb?

The best way to run Airbnb is to hire a good property management company. However, you must ensure that you evaluate the company through and through before hiring.

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