Airbnb Photo Requirements –
Guidance & Tips 2024

Airbnb photo requirements are necessary to create an attractive listing. This guide provides tips on taking quality photos, photo size dimensions, and choosing the right types of photos for your listing. We’ll also discuss a cover photo.

Size requirements for Airbnb photos

You must comply with the photo size requirements for page cover, gallery, profile, and Airbnb Experience set by the platform for every specific type. Minimum and recommended sizes are provided below. The maximum file size for each photo is 30MB.

Airbnb photo size requirements

Main Size Requirements for Airbnb Photos

We recommend using Adobe Lightroom, Canva, Adobe Express, or Photoshop to adjust photo size and resolution to meet Airbnb photo requirements properly.

Importance of high-quality photos
for Airbnb listings

Photos are the first impression possible guests have of your property. Poor-quality pics will make it look unappealing and make customers less likely to book with you. To avoid this, you should:

  • Use a digital camera or smartphone with a resolution of at least 8 megapixels;
  • Use a tripod or other method to keep the camera steady while you take the photo;
  • Turn off any photo filters or effects when taking photos with a smartphone;
  • Ensure the photos are bright and well-lit;
  • Compose each photo carefully, ensuring nothing blocks any objects in the picture.

Remember that high-quality photos help set you apart from other listings in your area and can help boost your bookings! If you want to know other tricks to stand out, consult with our experts and find our all the secrets!

Accurate showcase of the
Airbnb property

Creating an accurate representation of your property is a must to meet Airbnb photo requirements. Make sure you have completed all of the items on their list below:

  • Capture all essential rooms like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom;
  • Place furniture and décor to create an appealing look;
  • Pay attention to details such as window treatments and artwork;
  • Don’t forget to include common areas such as lobbies or gardens;
  • Use a high-quality camera or hire a professional photographer;
  • Take photos during the day;
  • Add personal touches such as fresh flowers or fruit;
  • Use a tripod to avoid blurry photos;
  • Take multiple shots from different angles to better sense the space.

Don’t forget about cafes, restaurants, malls, groceries, etc., that are nearby. These can be great assets that will increase the appeal of your listing.

Formatting photos according to
Airbnb requirements

There are additional tips to ensure your Airbnb pictures accurately showcase your accommodation.

Best practices for formatting Airbnb photos

Name Formatting Guidelines Importance Level Description
Image Resolution Should be at least 1024 x 683 pixels High High-resolution images are essential for showcasing your property. Low resolution can detract from the appeal of your accommodation.
Aspect Ratio Use a 3:2 aspect ratio for your images High Ensure your photos appear correctly on the Airbnb platform. The 3:2 aspect ratio is the standard for most cameras.
Lighting Use natural light and avoid using a flash High It is crucial for making your property look appealing. Avoid harsh shadows to make your photos more natural.
Composition Consider the composition of your photos Medium Photos from different angles and perspectives can help highlight your property’s best features.
Editing Use photo editing software Medium It helps enhance listings’ appearance, but don’t over-edit to avoid making your photos look unnatural.
File Types JPEG, BMP, PNG Low These are the recommended file types for uploading your photos to Airbnb.
Recommended Number of Photos Varies depending on the size of the rental Low Include photos of each room and any unique features or amenities of the property.

If you already have Airbnb listings but don’t have guests, consider our consulting solutions to get clear adjustments and a step-by-step plan to increase bookings and improve business on Airbnb!

Examples of unnecessary images
to publish on Airbnb

Regarding Airbnb photos, certain types of images we recommend you take away from listings to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassment with potential guests.

Examples of photos to avoid on Airbnb

Type of photo Reasons
Blurry or Out of Focus It won’t be easy to make out and not showcase your property in a good light.
Poorly Lit Dark or dimly lit photos make it hard to see the details of the space and can make it appear uninviting.
Cluttered or Messy These pictures can be a turnoff for potential guests and may suggest that the property is not well-maintained.
Personal Items or Family Photos Such pics will make it difficult for guests to imagine themselves staying in the space.
Low-Quality Resolution This kind of photo can make your property look outdated and unprofessional.
Photos of Unrelated Areas Can be confusing and unhelpful for guests.
Too Few or Incomplete Photos This type of photo makes it difficult to get a full sense of the space and leads to guests looking elsewhere.

Additionally, avoid including photos of your logo or company name in the listing, as it may confuse guests searching for accommodation options.

Adding an Airbnb cover photo

A cover photo is essential to meet Airbnb photo requirements. It is the first thing guests see when they visit your listing, so choose one that accurately depicts your space and reflects your property’s atmosphere.

5 Must-Have Things for an Airbnb Cover Photo

5 Recommendations for a Cover Photo on Airbnb

Additionally, you consider also next points:

  • Avoid additional branding or logos in the image;
  • Choose a photo that has good composition and contrast;
  • Make sure the photo is taken at a wide angle, allowing to get an overview of the room or property;
  • Showcase any unique features of your property in the cover photo;
  • Select a high-quality image since it will appear at the top of your listing page.

If you want to arrange the listing in the best possible way right away, pay attention to our service for photography and videography. We can make your listing the most attractive among other hosts!

Extra steps to impress
guests with photos

Getting the Airbnb photo requirements right can make a difference when guests decide whether to book your property. Here are some extra steps you can take to make sure your photos stand out:

1. Try to take qualitative photos

Use high-resolution photos that offer accurate representations of your property and its features. We recommend you to invest in a good camera. Take some time to ensure your photos are well-lit and accurately represent colors.

2. Take photos from different angles

Using various perspectives in each photo. It allows guests to visualize what they will get. Various angles can help you capture every detail of the space, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different views.

3. Add descriptive captions

Include captions for each photo on your listing. It helps understand what staying at your property is like. Describe the size, amenities, and other features you offer that effectively pique people’s interest and draw them in.

4. Use professional photography

Consider hiring a PRO photographer to capture high-quality images of your listing. They have the expertise and equipment to make your space look its best. Do not spare money on this; everything will pay off at times.

The сonclusion

To meet Airbnb photo requirements is crucial to portray your listing accurately. It is necessary to take high-quality photos, accurately showcase the space, follow the recommended photo format, avoid misleading photos, and add a cover photo. Provided tips will help you to create a successful listing, leading to more bookings and higher occupancy rates.

Frequently asked questions about
Airbnb photo requirements

1. Why does Airbnb ask for profile photo?

Airbnb asks guests to provide a profile photo as part of their user profile for a few reasons:

  • Verification. With a clear photo of the guest, hosts can have more confidence in who they are letting into their home;
  • Trust. A profile photo can help to build trust by giving hosts a sense of who their guests are before they arrive;
  • Personalization. Hosts can create a more welcoming and personalized guest experience with a profile photo.

Airbnb doesn’t require guests to use a photo of themselves if they don’t want to. However, using a photo of oneself can help establish trust and smooth the booking process.

2. What size should Airbnb profile photos be?

According to Airbnb’s Help Center, the recommended size for profile photos is 400 x 400 pixels. The photo should be a JPEG or PNG file, and it should not exceed 10 MB in size

3. Do you need professional photos for Airbnb?

Pro images are not required for Airbnb, but they can help present your listing in the best possible way. The experience for both you and your visitors can be improved by offering clear and accurate photographs, which can assist set the expectations of your visitors.

4. What is the ratio for Airbnb photos?

Airbnb advises using a minimum resolution of 1024 x 683 pixels and a 3:2 width-to-length aspect ratio for their photos.

5. Why are my photos blurry on Airbnb?

There could be several reasons why your photos appear blurry on Airbnb:

  • If your images are low-quality, they will appear blurry when uploaded to Airbnb;
  • Airbnb compresses images to reduce their size for faster loading times. This can result in a loss of image quality and make them appear blurry;
  • Sometimes, errors can occur when uploading photos to Airbnb, which can cause them to appear blurry;
  • If you are uploading photos from a mobile, they may appear blurry if they are not compatible with the Airbnb platform.

If you are still having issues with blurry photos on Airbnb, you can contact Airbnb support for further assistance.

6. How do I stage my Airbnb photos?

Staging your Airbnb photos can help to make your listing look more attractive and appealing to potential guests. Here are some tips for it:

  • Declutter and clean the space;
  • Use natural light;
  • Style the space;
  • Highlight key features;
  • Use horizontal photo orientation;
  • Show the space from different angles;
  • Use a high-quality camera;
  • Edit the photos.

7. What is the best profile picture for Airbnb?

For a profile picture, we recommend you choose a photo that shows the exterior of the property or the most attractive feature. Consider personal preferences, the type of property being listed, and the target audience.

8. What is the best profile picture for Airbnb?

There are no mandatory rules for Airbnb profile photos, but we advise you to follow next points so that you can create a good picture representing you and your listing in the best possible light:

  • Use a high-quality photo that is well-lit and in focus;
  • Show your face with a smile to create a personal connection with guests;
  • Use a neutral background to avoid distractions;
  • Choose a photo that reflects your personality and listing vibe.

9. Should you get professional photos for Airbnb?

Professional photos can improve the visual appeal of your Airbnb listing, but they are not a necessity. High-quality photos that accurately represent your space are essential, whether you take them yourself or hire a professional photographer.

10. How does Airbnb verify photos?

By verifying photos, Airbnb aims to provide a more transparent and trustworthy platform for hosts and guests. Here are the main points of how Airbnb verifies photos:

  • Computer vision algorithms check for authenticity, consistency, and quality;
  • Rejected photos require hosts to submit new photos;
  • Additional images may be requested for verification;
  • Airbnb aims to provide a trustworthy platform for hosts and guests through photo verification.

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