Airbnb Property Manager – How to Find the Best One in the Dominican Republic

Finding the best Airbnb property manager is difficult because there are tons of them in the Dominican Republic. If you choose a bad one, you will end up losing your money, time and be more involved in the running of the house than before because you wouldn’t want mistakes to happen. We are guessing you don’t want to be that person who checks in always to see if the guests feel comfortable or there’s a leak somewhere.

Hiring a property management company solves a whole lot of problems. They keep your hand 100% off the tasks and allows you to dedicate your time to other things. Plus, they handle issues expertly – something that you may not be able to do because you don’t have the skills, experience, or the time to invest in.

If you are stuck in limbo between choosing the ideal management service and doing the tasks yourself, worry no more. We will help you figure out how to find the best.

Apartment in Punta Cana

Apartment in Punta Cana – Under CHM Airbnb management

Benefits of Hiring an Airbnb Manager

  • Hiring a property management company reduces your time allocated to managing your property while boosting your rental income and enhancing guests’ experiences. You have peace of mind, knowing well that professionals are overseeing the day-to-day operations.
  • The managers are knowledgeable and understand how the hospitality industry works. Some of these managers are lawyers and tax consultants. This is a big plus for hosts because they will handle your taxes, insurance, etc.
  • Airbnb management companies also guarantee a perfectly cleaned home, 24/7 customer support, rapid response times to guest complaints and inquiries, increased occupancy rates, and expert handling of upgrades and repairs. They handle communications with guests and manage budgets and bookings.

How to Find the Best Property Manager in the DR

Before we move to how to find a manager, you must come to terms with yourself why you need one. Many people are not cut out to manage Airbnb, so the faster you realize this, the better for yourself.

Several managers claim to be the best, and this is why many hosts find it truly hard to see what separates one from the other. If you truly need one for Airbnb, you can proceed to do the following.

1. Evaluate their marketing expertise of rental properties

The management companies must have good knowledge of how to market a rental property and techniques that can increase bookings. They must convince you on how to promote your listing and improve your Airbnb search ranking. With a solid understanding of the rental market and its dynamics, your manager will be able to attract new guests to your property.

You need to inquire about the rental sites they can list your property. Once you are satisfied with their answers, then move to the next item on this list.

2. Ask about their management fees.

Rental managers charge differently, and it’s up to you to find out what their management fees are. This will give you an idea of whether you can afford to hire them or not.

Property managers have different fee structures. Some employ the commission model where the management company charges a 30% average of the rental fee. Others employ the fixed model where a flat fee is charged monthly. The latter is more cost-effective.

3. Determine the services they would be rendering.

Typical Airbnb management companies offer nearly the same services. They set the right rental rates, market and list your house on Airbnb and other booking platforms, get good tenants, carry out repairs, and guarantee an excellent customs service experience.

Some management companies also file taxes on behalf of the hosts. If this is a service you want, ensure that your chosen manager renders that.

4. Evaluate guest reviews and references from clients

As stated earlier, every property management company claims to be the best in the hospitality industry. However, there’s not enough proof to support their claims.

One of the proven ways to know if they are good is by checking guest reviews for the properties the company manages. Evaluate each review carefully because some reviews can be unfair and not entirely essential.

5. Approach to guest service

Providing top-class guest service is what every guest desires. The way you approach your guests is everything, and this is one thing you need to enquire from the management company you intend to hire.

Your Airbnb manager ensures that guests live comfortably and enjoy their stay. What your guests experience can make them loyal repeat customers, and that reduces your marketing investments.

In essence, find out the guest approaches the property management company employs. How responsive is their communication? Do the company offer some incentives or welcome package to guests? How do they handle check-ins and check-outs, cleaning?

CHM LLC is a leading property management company in the Dominican Republic. CHM LLC takes away the management stress off hosts and helps them increased rental income. We boost the value of rental properties and ensures that guests have the best experience, all at an affordable pricing structure.

Mini-hotel in Bavaro, Punta Cana

Mini-hotel in Bavaro, Punta Cana – Under CHM Airbnb management


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do property managers do Airbnb?

Of course, they do. Property managers like CHM LLC manage Airbnb on behalf of hosts professionally at excellent rates.

2. How much does a property manager charge for Airbnb?

It depends on the size of the house, type of rental, and services rendered. Most managers charge a 15-30% commission of the rental fee alongside a monthly flat fee.

3. How does Airbnb property management work?

Airbnb managers cooperate with the hosts to have a basic understanding of what they need and require of them. The company then set out to implement a strategy according to the goals of the hosts.

4. How much work is it to manage an Airbnb?

Not much work is needed to manage one if it’s a property management company handling the management. You only need approximately three hours a day to manage it and eight hours at most if you have guests change-over.

5. How hard is it to manage an Airbnb?

With the right management company, managing an Airbnb isn’t complicated but straightforward.

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