Top 8 Airbnb Superhost Benefits – Requirements & Advice to Get It Easy in 2024

Airbnb Superhost status has a lot of benefits. So that no wonder how many property owners who list their spaces on this platform want to obtain this recognition. If you want to discover the specific advantages of this status, keep reading and understand the pros of a Superhost and the requirements to obtain the Airbnb badge.

Airbnb superhost benefits

Top 8 Airbnb Superhost Benefits – Requirements & Advice to Get It Easy

What is Airbnb Superhost?

According to Airbnb, a Superhost spares no effort to welcome their guests and is an example of how a host should act. It’s easy to spot a Superhost: the badge appears on their listing and profile. To earn it, you must meet some requirements, from maintaining high evaluation rates, responding to booking requests, and complying with specific policies.

The program’s history began in 2009 when the platform carefully selected the best hosts in the world. Since then, it has grown in popularity and become a way of recognizing the efforts of dedicated hosts worldwide. It is also a way to reward users with good ratings, rewarding them for their effort and dedication.

Why it is important to become
an Airbnb Superhost

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost benefits the listing profile. Users can identify premium profiles in booking searches, which promotes more credibility for the property host. Additionally, the business will continue to gain more visibility within the platform. Among reasons to become an Airbnb Superhost:

  • Increased bookings and occupancy rates
  • Enhanced trust and credibility
  • Competitive advantage
  • Access to exclusive perks
  • Dedicated support from Airbnb
  • Potential for higher earnings
  • Opportunity for professional growth
  • Positive reviews and repeat bookings
  • Improved guest satisfaction
  • Recognition within the Airbnb community

Being an Airbnb Superhost is essential not only to access unique advantages and be part of a select club of hosts but also to leverage and expand your business effectively. And if you want to get a full analysis of your Airbnb profile to become an Airbnb Superhost, you should definitely pay attention to our Airbnb profile solutions service.

How to get an Airbnb Superhost status

The conditions for obtaining Airbnb Superhost are clearly spelled out by the platform itself. Among the conditions:

  • The host’s profile must register a cancellation rate of less than 1%. That is, one cancellation for every 100 reservations. The only exceptions are cancellations under the Extenuating Circumstances Policy.
  • The owner must have completed at least 10 trips or 3 reservations totaling 100 nights in the case of a vacation rental.
  • The overall profile rating must be greater than 4.8 stars, referring to the last 365 days of activity.
  • The host must have a response rate of 90% or better on comments, contacts, and reservations made by users.
4 criteria for becoming an Airbnb superhost

4 main criteria for becoming an Airbnb Superhost

Practices to achieve Airbnb Superhost
criteria more easily

Each Airbnb Superhost develops their own strategies to achieve and maintain this status over time, but we can highlight a few valuable tips from our many years of experience:

  • Turn on Airbnb notifications to quickly respond to all messages and booking requests;
  • Always be the last person to respond in the chat so your potential guests know that you are actively engaged in their stay and that the platform registers your response rate correctly;
  • Encourage your visitors to review their stay at the end, especially during their visit when they are most likely to be satisfied with their experience;
  • Offer something extra that was not mentioned in the listing, like free snacks, high-quality toiletries, luxury bedding, or even a small gift can make all the difference in your guest’s experience;
  • Offer support during the stay for visitors unfamiliar with the area. Give tips on places to visit, restaurants to eat, and activities to do;
  • Partner with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts and promotions to your guests. This can be a great way to create value for your guests and make them feel special during their stay.

You can get additional techniques and tips on becoming an Airbnb Superhost by consulting with our team. We prepare individually for each client and study their listings, so during the consultation, you will hear only what will work in your case of doing a vacation rental business on Airbnb.

Top 8 Airbnb Superhost benefits

The Superhost badge is a differentiator that increases your visibility and guarantees exclusive Airbnb incentives. In this way, you can further grow your earnings as a host. See the perks of being a Superhost in more detail below.

Airbnb Superhost Benefits

Top 8 Airbnb Superhost Benefits

1. Superhost status helps get more guests

Superhost Airbnb has greater visibility in front of guests. As a result, as a Superhost, you become a more competitive host and are able to attract a greater volume of reservations.

2. Exclusive access to Airbnb rewards

Hosts classified as Superhosts receive a $100 coupon annually from Airbnb. Also, when referring new hosts, they earn the standard bonus and 20% more per referral.

3. Greatly increased income from Airbnb

Being part of the Superhost program often results in a significant increase in income for hosts. The reason is very simple: greater visibility, added to the extra confidence the special Superhost badge grants, translates into more reservations and, consequently, more income.

Superhosts earn around 22% more per booking. It is explained by their consistency in providing a great guest experience, which leads to positive reviews, increased listing visibility, and increased demand for their properties.

4. Superhosts get special recognition

Guests trust hosts who are Superhosts more and tend to prefer renting with them. For this reason, the Superhost badge ends up being used by many renters as a filter when searching for accommodations.

5. Improvement in commission rates on Airbnb

The higher the profile level, the lower the Airbnb commission rates for hosts. The value is around 20% usually. But Superhosts can pay smaller percentages – up to only 10%.

6. Early access to exclusive features

Superhosts get early access to exclusive features like new Airbnb hosting features, products, and services. They can be among the first to try out new tools and services that can help them improve their hosting.

7. More dedicated Airbnb support services

Superhosts have access to dedicated Airbnb support, which is available 24/7. It means if you have any questions or issues, you have access to personalized support that can help you quickly resolve the issue.

8. Closer contact with the guest before the rental deal

To increase the chances of closing a deal, the Superhost can make closer contact with the guests through exclusive platform tools. It is possible to make the interaction safer and more reliable, ensuring the level of effectiveness of the lease more easily.

You can contact the CHM Inc. team if you need help managing your Airbnb property. We have many years of experience working with both real estate and Airbnb, and we know how to ensure that listings are always at the top and bring sales.

Where to apply for Airbnb Superhost status

Hosts must meet the requirements above to be part of the Superhost program and receive the badge (and other benefits). They do not need to fill out or submit applications – the entire process is automated.

Airbnb Superhost evaluation schedule

Evaluation period Start date End date
Jan 1 – Mar 31 January 1 March 31
Apr 1 – June 30 April 1 June 30
July 1 – Sept 30 July 1 September 30
OCt 1 – Dec 31 October 1 December 31

Airbnb automatically evaluates these criteria every quarter. If the host has met all four requirements in the last year, they will receive their Superhost status. Otherwise, the platform will discard (or revoke) your Superhost status.


The Superhost program rewards the highest-rated Airbnb hosts who offer a better experience to their guests. The requirements to receive Superhost status are demanding. If these criteria are met, the host will greatly increase their visibility on the world’s largest vacation rental platform. Receiving (and maintaining!) Superhost status is not easy, but the benefits are worth all the effort.

Frequently asked questions about
Airbnb Superhost benefits

1. What is the benefit of Superhost Airbnb?

Becoming a Superhost on Airbnb offers several benefits, including increased visibility, higher search rankings, more booking requests, a Superhost badge for credibility, exclusive perks, and dedicated support from Airbnb. It helps hosts attract more guests and enhance their reputation within the Airbnb community.

2. What are Superhost perks?

Superhost perks on Airbnb can include priority customer support, exclusive promotions and discounts, early access to new features, customized educational resources, and the Superhost badge for recognition.

3. How much do Airbnb Superhosts make?

The earnings of Airbnb Superhosts can vary significantly based on factors such as location, property type, demand, and pricing strategy. It is difficult to provide an exact figure as earnings are influenced by various variables.

4. Does being a Superhost make a difference?

Yes, being a Superhost on Airbnb can make a significant difference for hosts. Here are some ways in which being a Superhost can have an impact:

  • Increased bookings. Superhosts enjoy increased visibility and higher search rankings on Airbnb. This can result in more exposure to potential guests, leading to more booking requests and increased occupancy rates.
  • Enhanced trust and credibility. The Superhost badge serves as a visual representation of a host’s commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. It builds trust and credibility with potential guests, who often prefer to book with Superhosts due to their proven hospitality track record.
  • Competitive advantage. With the Superhost designation, hosts stand out from the competition. Guests may prioritize Superhost listings over others, given the assurance of reliable and high-quality accommodations.
  • Support from Airbnb. Superhosts receive dedicated customer support from Airbnb. In case of any issues or concerns, they can access priority assistance and faster response times, ensuring a smoother hosting experience.
  • Repeat bookings and positive reviews. Superhosts tend to receive positive reviews from guests. Satisfied guests are more likely to leave favorable reviews and recommend Superhosts to others, further boosting their business.
  • Access to perks. Airbnb offers exclusive bonuses and benefits to Superhosts, such as priority access to new features, promotional opportunities, or service discounts. These additional advantages can enhance the hosting experience and provide further value.

While becoming a Superhost requires meeting specific criteria, its benefits and advantages can contribute to increased bookings, improved reputation, and overall success as an Airbnb host.

5. Do Airbnb Superhosts get more bookings?

Yes, Airbnb Superhosts typically receive more bookings compared to regular hosts due to increased visibility, higher search rankings, enhanced credibility, positive reviews, and a higher likelihood of repeat bookings and referrals.

6. Is it hard to become a Superhost on Airbnb?

Becoming a Superhost on Airbnb requires meeting specific criteria, but it is achievable with consistent high-quality hosting. By maintaining a high response rate, accepting most booking requests, receiving positive reviews, hosting regularly, etc, you can qualify as a Superhost.

7. Do Airbnb hosts get discounts?

Airbnb offers various discounts and promotional opportunities for both guests and hosts, but the specific discounts available to hosts can vary. Here are a few examples of discounts that Airbnb hosts may be eligible for:

  • Host-only discounts. Occasionally, Airbnb provides hosts with special discounts that can be applied to their own personal stays when booking through the platform. These discounts can vary in value and availability.
  • Experiences discounts. Airbnb hosts who also offer Experiences (local activities or tours) on the platform may have the opportunity to receive discounts on booking and participating in other hosts’ Experiences.
  • Referral programs. It allows hosts to earn travel credits by referring new hosts or guests to the platform. These travel credits can be used to receive discounts on future bookings.
  • Partner programs. Airbnb may partner with other companies or services to offer exclusive discounts to hosts. It can be discounts on cleaning services, home furnishings, photography services, or other resources that may benefit hosts in their hosting journey.

Availability and terms of these discounts can change over time. Hosts should regularly check the Airbnb website, host newsletters, or their host dashboard for any current promotions or discounts they may be eligible for.

8. Can you lose Superhost status?

Yes, you can lose Superhost status on Airbnb if you no longer meet the qualifying criteria during the evaluation period. It is assessed on a quarterly basis, and hosts must consistently meet the requirements to maintain their Superhost status. However, if you lose your Superhost status, you will still have an opportunity to regain it by meeting the qualifying criteria in subsequent evaluation periods.

If you fail to meet any of the Superhost criteria, you may lose your status during the next evaluation. Airbnb evaluates your performance over the most recent 12-month period, so any decline in meeting the criteria can impact your status.

9. How long does Superhost take?

The timeline for becoming a Superhost on Airbnb depends on several factors. Superhost status is evaluated on a quarterly basis. To qualify, you need to meet the Superhost criteria consistently during each evaluation period.

Becoming a Superhost depends on when you start hosting, how frequently you receive bookings, and how quickly you accumulate the necessary criteria. Provide a high-quality hosting experience to increase your chances of becoming a Superhost within a reasonable timeframe.

10. How many reviews you need for Superhost?

The exact number of reviews required for Superhost status on Airbnb is not disclosed publicly. However, hosts should aim to maintain a high percentage of 5-star reviews from guests to increase their chances of qualifying as a Superhost.
Focus on delivering a great guest experience, maintaining open communication, and addressing any issues promptly to increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews. Aim to exceed guest expectations, as positive reviews from satisfied guests contribute to your overall rating and help improve your chances of achieving and maintaining Superhost status.

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