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Oceanfront apartment in Punta Cana

Oceanfront apartment in Punta Cana – under CHM Elite Management

Punta Cana is famous among holiday goers. The beaches, the climate, and the landscape are enough reasons for any tourist to pay a visit. That has been a great advantage for real estate in the area. If you own properties in Punta Cana, you are fortunate. However, it would be best if you had proper supervision of the asset. Not only do you need to market it to potential tenants, but you also need to supervise them. This is undoubtedly not your area of specialization. Hence, you can always leave it to a professional to handle.

Even if you are available to market your properties and collect rent yourself, you will face difficulties to render all the services that you will get from an elite property management company. Here, we will discuss the benefit of this property management, the features of an exclusive manager, and the cost of hiring one. Let’s start by defining elite property management.

What is an Elite Property Management?

Elite property management is the professional management of residential or commercial properties by an agent or company on behalf of the owner. This company will be responsible for filling the vacant spaces with tenants, collecting rent on behave of the owner, carrying out minor repair and maintenance of the building, and oversight the activities of the tenants.

It is a business that requires an operating license in Dominican Republic. Their staff must also have relevant academic qualifications and professional certification. Not all agents are professionals. That is why it is essential to hire a professional manager for your real estate in Punta Cana. So, how will you identify one? Let’s look at the features of such a management company.

Features of An Elite Property Management Company

Elite property management companies do not just collect rent from tenants and transfer it to the landlord. They carry out managerial functions and professionally perform their duties. Here are some features of such an exclusive company.

1. They Are Registered

The first thing to check before doing business with any company is the license. Elite management companies in Punta Cana are licensed to operate as property managers on the island. Their staff is equally trained to work in the industry.

2. Experienced Staff

The quality of a company depends a lot on the qualification and experience of its staff. These companies do employ staffs that are well qualified and highly experienced.

3. Good Knowledge of Laws and Regulations in the Industry

The laws that govern property management, tenancy agreement, and landlord-tenant relationship varies from place to place. Therefore, it is essential that you deal only with a company that has a good knowledge of the law. The best property management companies know everything about this law in the Dominican Republic and are abiding by it.

4. Workable Marketing Strategy

The company managing your properties will also be responsible for marketing your building to potential occupants. Therefore, it must have a workable marketing strategy to ensure all spaces are always occupied.

5. Good Communication Skill

Good communication skill is an essential part of every business. This is more important in managing properties. An elite property management company will be communicating with both the landlord and the tenants. Hence, its communication skill is critical.

6. Professional Attributes

An elite company is a professional company and must demonstrate its professionalism in all its conduct. The company must have good organization skills, communication skills, human relations, and other attributes expected from professionals.

7. Technical Know-How

Property managing requires technical knowledge. An elite company must possess this knowledge. Your management company should know how to screen applicants to choose the best. It must be able to carry out regular maintenance and oversight of the building. The company must also understand how to deal with difficult tenants.

Why You Need an Elite Property Manager

Beachfront apartment in Punta Cana

Beachfront apartment in Punta Cana – under CHM Elite Management

Sometimes, landlords feel they can manage their houses effectively themselves. However, there are many advantages to hiring an elite property management company. These include the following:

1. It Saves Cost

Let’s start from the monetary aspect. One of the significant reasons you will want to be the landlord and the agent at the same time is to save cost. But you may be surprised that it might be cheaper to hire an exclusive company to manage your house than managing it yourself.

Properties occupied by tenants constantly require maintenance. Fortunately, elite property management companies in Punta Cana have many properties in their portfolio. Therefore, they already have essential maintenance equipment, handypersons among their staff and buy materials in bulk. Hence, they will help you save on the cost of maintenance.

2. You Can Focus on Your Other Businesses

Except if your only business is managing your properties, hiring a company to manage your asset will enable you to focus on your business and acquire more assets. If you want to effectively manage your properties, you have to dedicate a lot of time. This time can be used for other things while you let people whose full-time job is to manage properties deal with such tasks.

3. It Ensures Effective Background Check of Tenants

Do you know that it is essential to screen tenants before renting your house to them? Elite property management companies have all the tools needed for the appropriate background check. Hence you can rest assured that only responsible tenants will occupy your building.

4. It will Keep Your Properties Always Occupied.

Elite management companies are good marketers and have many avenues to advertise vacancies in your properties. They have a higher chance of finding tenants to occupy the vacant space in your building than if you manage it yourself.

5. It Enhances Effective Management

Except if you are trained in the act, it is always better to let professionals manage your asset. This will ensure effective administration, and you can be confident that your asset is in the right hand.

Cost of Hiring an Elite Property Management Company
in Punta Cana in 2024

The cost of hiring a property manager in Punta Cana varies. In most cases, it depends on the size and quality of the properties. Most companies usually charge a percentage of the rent paid by the occupants. This percentage can be between 15% to 30% for average properties and between 10% to 15% for properties that are expensive or consist of many blocks.

Apart from the percentage of the rent, the company may also charge a fixed amount for setting up an account for you. Another fee you may be asked to pay is the cost of advertising your vacant space. The company may charge you for finding a tenant for you. There may also be more charges in case of eviction of one of your tenants.

We Can Help You

If you need an elite property management company for your properties in Punta Cana, you can talk to us. We deal will all types of properties and have been in the industry for many years and are trusted by many owners. We render professional services at affordable fees. You can contact us for the effective management of your properties. That is what we do best.

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