Hot Season in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has the lovely tropical weather, where the average temperature is nearly 77 degrees Fahrenheit. You can enjoy going there any time you wish, all year round without fear of catching the bad weather. Due to its geographical position the Dominican Republic has endless summer. The difference between summer and winter can be hardly seen.

The series of mountains on this beautiful Caribbean island stretch across the border region. It’s a little bit windy there, but the scenery from the mountain area is breathtaking, the air temperature is lower and riches 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tourists like lying under the sun and getting that cute Caribbean tan. The friendly sun shines 12 hours a day from January to December. That’s why the vacation season lasts the whole year, but the hottest is the period from August to October. Don’t forget that staying too much in the sun, as during the daytime you can cause the sunburn.

Best hot season in the Dominican Republic

The best hot season should be spending in Bavaro, Punta Cana. You can just sip a cocktail from a coconut, have fun with your family or friends. If you want to get away for a few days and soak up some sun, it means you are ready for a dreamy vacation in the Dominican Republic. The tourist can always beat the hot sun in a hotel room with gate away to the beach or do some indoor activities.

The variety of pastime is huge. A traveler can find something to one’s heart content: excursions on the boat, riding a buggy, to scuba diving and others. The water is perfect for swimming on any year’s period. There’s no best time to go to the Dominican Republic. You will be luckily to have a warm weather all year-round. Choose your ideal time of pleasure!

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