March Holidays in the Dominican Republic

Everyone who travels once a life knows that it’s very exciting to visit new country or place. You are expecting to see something unique. The Dominican Republic is very interesting and colorful country, the place of tasty food and amazing beaches, pure water and endless sun.

Annually the parades and holidays people celebrate in different cities of the Dominican Republic. The list of events is rich, so everyone can find something to the heart’s content. The great Dominican Carnival has been planned to go on February. This fantastic event nobody left careless: people jumped up on the streets having celebrated this Spanish forefathers’ event.

Holidays in The Dominican Repblic

You won’t be definitely bored on March as you will have a chance to enjoy smoothing African and Caribbean jazz music. You will love such rhythm as plena, rumba, son, pambiche,mozambique, merengue, samba and more. The refined notes will take you to the heavens. Book your music holidays in Punta Cana online. The weather is perfect, days are long and jazz music seems to be forever. The Dominican music culture will embrace you and won’t let go during the whole festival.

March is rich on events like XTERRA Triathlon, National Dominican Carnival, Punta Cana Carnival, and Caribbean Sigar Night. The international organization XTERRA decided to hold the competitions of Off-Road Triathlon and Trail Run in the Dominican Republic. It’s a big plus for tourists who spend the vacation here in March.

As to the carnival, tourists and country visitors can watch it in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. The location for this celebration shows a unique country nature together with local traditions to wear nice costumes. Every March in Punta Cana people throughout the world come to see and take part in this street parade. Just picture what you can sight from your apartment’s window.

Caribbean Sigar Night. The last but not the worst occasion in March is Caribbean Sigar Night. And yes, it is dedicated to the traditional Dominical sigars. This smoky fest provides the opportunity to taste the finest samples and enjoy sigars to sweet music and dinner. Local brands become more popular world widely, so a lot os sigar lovers will be there.

This month is filled with different exciting events and you can part of it too, so just book any of ours centric or beach apartments right now.

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