Los Corales. One of the Best Caribbean Beaches

Los Corales is the heart of Bavaro beaches, located in Punta Cana. Having been recently renovated, the beach is surrounded by palm trees and unique turquoise water. One might say that it’s the best place for vacation. And he/she will be right, as every year the greater amount of tourists come to this place.

Location of Los Corales

The perfectly white sand covers the whole beach lines. It is the close neighborhood to Punta Cana. Speaking about renting an apartment in Punta Cana, you will be 100% safe and local people are very nice and friendly. The beach is very convenient and clean, good for couples, solo travelers, and families with kids.

The beautiful buildings in Mediterranean style can be seen on the shore with a stunning view of the sea, tall abundant palm trees, and white powder sand. The Italians have an impact on the architecture style of Los Corales. This charming corner of the world offers fine dining, spas, beauty centers, excursions, mini-markets and a short 5-10 walk to the center of town bustling with activities and all kinds of shopping and dining.

The wide choice of hotels and apartment for rent one will find just a few steps from the beach. You will find some beach restaurant, but there are many others within a walking distance.

Things To Do in Los Corales

Staying at local owners’ properties will help you to explore the town and immerse yourself in the Dominican culture. That is a really magical place where one can admire the lovely scenery, fresh breezy air, and super pure ocean water. You can discover the place in many ways as there is a huge list of excursions for tourists.

One can take scuba diving excursion and watch the unreal beauty of underwater world, reefs and lovely fish. The horse riding excursion can also be very picturesque, you will ride on the horse through the wide tropical forest, see the life of locals, and taste their aromatic coffee and cacao beans. Boat trip, dolphin explorer, snorkeling and observational excursion and more are to your selection.

The beach isn’t too crowded usually, but on the Dominican holidays and in the high season lot of people come here.

Food in Los Corales

Any travel can try the local food cuisine together with Italian, Spanish and American. People come here internationally, and there is always nice opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy cool music. Fun and good mood guaranteed.

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