The Dominican Republic – Tranquillity & Emotions

Where would you prefer to wake up? In a small flat lying under a mass of blankets, with the minus temperature outside or at a villa to the murmur of palm leaves and bird singing, with the sea splashing just some meters away? The choice is obvious, isn’t it? This second option is not a night dream, it’s the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic attracts and makes people fall in love with it at the first sight: white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, warm turquoise water, mountains and waterfalls. If you are looking for beauty, you will find it in abundance in the Dominican Republic.

Beaches and Coastal Line. The first thing that crosses one’s mind when speaking about the Dominican Republic is of course its remarkable beaches. White sand, blue water, sunshine… What else is needed for ultimate relaxation? Well, maybe just a coconut.

If you are afraid to get tired of swimming in the sea and enjoying the sun (hardly possible though), no worries here, as along the coast you can easily find how to entertain yourself: snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, kite boarding, sailing, and surfing. The Dominican Republic can suit any taste.

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