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Managing a rental apartment is not fun – it is a profession. Suppose you have a house that is up for rental. In that case, it may be more efficient to hand its managerial role to a professional manager. Hence, if you are searching for a property management company near you in Punta Cana or simply property management nearby, then you are one step ahead of other landlords.

However, it is essential to know what managing facilities entailed in Punta Cana, the services rendered by companies managing properties for homeowners, their fees and charges, and why you should hire one. Having considered all these, you may decide if it is worth hiring a facility manager. Here we will discuss details of property managing in Punta Cana and why you must hire a managing company.

Villa in Punta Cana

Villa in Punta Cana – Under CHM management

Is hiring a property management company worth it?

That should be the first question to ask before you start searching for “rental property management companies near me”. To decide whether it is worth hiring a facility management company or not, you first have to list the responsibilities of companies that can help you manage your properties, the value they are going to add to your business, and the charges they will bill you.

When you place them side by side, you will be able to decide if hiring one is going to increase your profit and reduce your stress or will only take charges without adding any significant value. So, let’s look at the functions of such companies.

What is a property management company
responsible for?

The primary aim of the managing company is to collect rent from the tenant and give it to the owner. However, the responsibility of such companies goes beyond that. Here are some of the major duties of a facility managing company.

1. Advertising the facility for rental

Property management companies have different channels for advertising your house to potential tenants. It can be listed on many websites, advertised through flyers, or social media.

2. Screening of Applicants

Your manager must ensure only law-abiding people are accepted to your apartment. They must also ensure applicants are capable of paying rent regularly. Hence, they will carry out a background check and screening of all applicants.

3. Overseeing the Use of the Facility

A property managing company must check the properties regularly to ensure it is well maintained. They must correct tenants that are not using the facility properly and ensure all occupants abide by the tenancy agreement.

4. Carrying Out Maintenance Services

There will always be a need for maintenance of the available properties. When tenants call to complain about any facility that is not functioning as it should be or any other inconvenient thing, the company will respond and carry out the maintenance.

5. Collection of Rents

As stated earlier, the primary duty of the managing company is to collect rent. Tenants pay to the company, and the company will transfer it to the owner.

What services do property managers provide?

Based on the discussion above, the services of a property manager can be summarized as follows:

  • Marketing the properties
  • Screening of applicant
  • Signing necessary tenancy agreement with the tenants
  • Collection of rent and other fees
  • Overseeing the use of the facility
  • Carrying out basic maintenance services.

However, some property management companies may render only part of the services listed. This leads us to the concept of facility administration on a full-service basis.

Property management occupation

Property management occupation

What is full-service management?

Full-service management is a kind of facility administration in which the managing company is in charge of everything. The landlord plays no direct part in managing the building except if it involves a major repair. The full-service manager handles everything from getting tenants to fill vacant spaces to basic maintenance, pest control, safety and security, and even legal matters. When the manager visits the landlord, he only wants to update him about the development in the house or take further instructions.

The tenants may not know the landlord or have any business whatsoever with him. Managing properties on a full-service basis is ideal for landlords that want to concentrate fully on their daily job or those that do not live in the city. The availability of full-service facility managing in the Dominican Republic means people living abroad can buy assets in Punta Cana and hand them over to a full-service managing company. But how much will it cost you to hire a facility manager or a managing company?

How much should a property management company charge?

Property management companies in Punta Cana usually charge facility owners based on the value of their properties. In most cases, it is a percentage of the rent received from the tenants. However, there may also be other charges. A company managing your properties may charge between 10 percent and 15 percent of the rent as management fees.

This covers the oversight and maintenance of the facility. Other additional services like advertising the properties, screening the applicants, and signing a contract with a tenant may be charged separately. This may be a fixed amount for each tenant the company finds for you.

Your manager may also charge you a once-off fee for setting an account for you. In rare cases, the company may not charge a percentage of the rent but charge a fixed monthly amount for maintaining the facility. This means you will also have to pay even if there are no tenants.

What makes a great property management company?

Even if all property managers have a similar duty, they carry them out in different ways. Some managers are great to work with, while some are just afraid. Therefore, it is not enough to search for rental management companies near me; you must also consider the features of the companies. Here are some of the attributes of great property management companies in Punta Cana:

1. Be Good at Marketing

It will be a loss for you if your house stays vacant for a long time. However, great management companies have many marketing tools that ensure they always find tenants for occupying your building.

2. Pay Attention to Details

As the landlord, your rule must prevail. But the company is the one to enforce those rules. Therefore, they have to fully understand what you want, communicate it effectively to the tenants, and enforce it. They must also have great organization skills as well as managerial skills.

3. Help You Save

Good companies know how to reduce maintenance costs and help landlords save on maintenance.

4. Have Good Customer Relations

Management companies are the ones that will attend to tenants’ queries. Hence they must be professional in dealing with the tenants. Good customer relations skills are essential to maintain a good relationship with the tenants.

5. Communicate Effectively

Communication is an important aspect of all businesses. Hence, the best facility management companies communicate effectively with the landlords and the tenants.

If you have been searching for property rental companies nearby, we can help you. We deal with rental properties. We can help you find tenants to your house and manage your asset effectively. Our services are excellent, and our charges are affordable. You can contact us today, and we will be happy to work with you.

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