TOP 10 reasons to visit Punta Cana in 2024

When you plan a trip or vacation, you should mind the location is very important, as you waited for some rest so long. You begin finding different tours and read millions of hotels’ reviews. You don’t need to do it anymore as the best vacation is the fantastic lovely place called Punta Cana. And we explain the top 10 reasons why you should go there.

  1. The first and the main reason are the beautiful beaches. Endless pure water which washes the best white sandy beaches. It’s the golden star in the Caribbean; the end and the beginning can’t be seen, it’s the fantastic exotic spot where the sun meets with water.
  2. Ideal weather. Haven’t you wished to be in the place where the summer never ends. The temperature slightly changes around the year, basically, it’s between 82F – 95F, from July to September is the hottest season. So here’s really the ideal tropical weather.
  3. Hotel variety. At Punta Cana there is a wide choice of hotels, starting from budget 3* hotels and going to luxury and fashionable hotels. The tour managers offer the listings from all resort places in the town, but you can book an apartment from the first-hands without paying extras.
  4. Perfect golf. For those who are the golf players, the beginners and the pros, the place is full of professional golf fields, designed by dozens of world-class golf legends. You can choose between different golf places, like directly on the Caribbean Sea or in the heart of the town. Qualified instructors will go with you for this interesting game, the new experience you won’t have in any other places.
  5. Romantic place. The most intimate and charming atmosphere appear in the Punta Cana resorts. You can hold your perfect wedding here or spend the most romantic honeymoon. Everyone will jealous of you.
  6. Have a fun. The Dominican Republic is not only the white sandy beach country, one can surf both on wild beaches or more cultivated ones. The pro surfers should try the waves, that strong connection feeling with water. You can do also snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, try your luck in casinos, dance in a club or visit the dozens of offered excursions around the island.
  7. Food. Local cuisine is full of national flavor, and it has a mix of African, Arab, European and Chinese cooking. Traditional meals include goat, pork, fish and chicken, different spices ingredients too. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the regional wine and rum, they are easy to drink and have the best accents of grapes taste.
  8. Art. The national independence history is not very long, but art sphere is growing very fast, so here the painting won’t be overpriced and the variety and quality can compete with those in London and Paris art galleries. You can even rent an apartment in Art Villa and kill two birds with one stone – lovely and unique apartment with artistic design and the place to admire modern paintings.
  9. Calm and peace. What’s a relief to be in the quiet place like Punta Cana, where time is endless. No more hurries or haste.
  10. The nicest people. Friendly and kind local people help you with any questions; they are always ready to make your resort comfortable and simple.

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