Airbnb Welcome Letter as a Message After Booking for Guests – Examples & Free Template 2024

An Airbnb welcome letter for rentals is our favorite detail to make a magnificent first impression. Its importance to guests cannot be underestimated, as it provides a personal touch that is difficult to transmit through vacation rental platforms.

If you haven’t already left a welcome letter for your Airbnb guests, it’s time to take action! We prepared this article intending to help you with the task, to the point of preparing an example of a welcome letter in PDF. Ready? Read on!

What an Airbnb welcome letter means

It is a document that is prepared with the objective of giving a warm welcome to the guests of a vacation rental, tourist space or Airbnb even when the owner is not present.

Airbnb welcome letter

Airbnb welcome letter

A well-written welcome letter is a great way to show your guests how much you care about making their stay enjoyable. Still, it’s also handy for letting them know about house rules or any other information they should know before they stay.

The welcome letter does not have to be long, but it is essential to be well written. Read on to find out how to do it and why you should offer a welcome letter in your vacation rental.

Necessity of offering an Airbnb welcome letter

First impressions are everything in the world of vacation rentals, for better or for worse. If you do not take care of the details, your guests will consider it. So that a welcome letter is the perfect detail of your tourist space and makes it clear to them that you care about making their stay unforgettable.

Airbnb welcome letter note

Airbnb welcome letter important note

In fact, some owners take such pains that we already know of more than one case in which their guests have saved the welcome message as a souvenir.

We hardly need to tell you how beneficial this is, as these people will almost certainly become repeat guests. There are few easier ways to ensure the prosperity of your business than writing a simple letter.

How to write an Airbnb welcome letter
to a vacation rental

We may have already convinced you about the importance of the welcome letter, but sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration to write it. Don’t worry. In the next paragraphs we will give you our best advice.

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Think about your Airbnb audience

Very important! It is not the same to write a welcome letter for Airbnb guests as it is for a luxury tourist apartment. Try to visualize your typical customer and tailor the tone of your message accordingly.

Do you offer a fancy experience for high-net-worth guests? Treat them about you and use more formal language. Do you run a rural house? Adopt a close and warm style.

Consider the reason for the trip

A good welcome letter should not only take into account the profile of the guests, but also what they expect from the trip.

Welcome letter Airbnb

Provide your guests with reasons to stay with you

A good example is families, since not all of them are looking for the same thing. Some simply want to kick back and relax in the sun, while others prefer to spend the day looking for adventure.

Get inspired by other welcoming letters

The Internet is full of examples of welcome letters to tourist apartments. Although guests are not stupid and will notice if you do a simple copy-paste, there is nothing wrong with using these resources as a base.

After all, not everyone is a creative writer, and you may find it easier to start with some of the work done. Just make sure you make it authentic. Give it a personal touch and speak sincerely – your guests will appreciate it.

What to include in the Airbnb
welcome letter

Now that you know why you need a welcome letter, let’s move on to what it should include. Good communication is the key to the entire vacation rental experience, and a welcome letter helps keep that promise! Here are 7 things you can include in your Airbnb welcome letter:

1. A personal touch of an Airbnb host

A welcome letter to a tourist apartment is not a contract, so forget about cold legal jargon. Write the letter in a friendly tone that makes your guests feel at home.

Do you have any special memories of the place? Share it in the letter to break the ice and show closeness!

Airbnb welcome letter

Additional notes for an Airbnb welcome letter

2. A personalized welcome message

We are not referring to writing a different letter for each guest; it could be next to impossible in high season! However, you should always personalize your template with the names of the guests you are hosting. This will help them feel welcome and confident that their host will give them the attention they need during their stay.

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3. Information about a property you rent out

Use this section to remind guests of the exact address of your property. This will avoid problems returning to the property after a day of touring the surroundings.

Property welcome letter content guide

Key point Notes
Property description Brief overview of the property features and unique aspects
Check-in instructions Time and location for key collection/self-check-in details
House rules Smoking policy, pet policy, noise restrictions, etc.
Contact information Phone number, email address of a host
Property features and amenities  Wi-Fi access, parking availability, laundry facilities
Local recommendations Landmarks, dining options, popular activities
Important reminders Garbage disposal, maintenance schedules, specific rules
Check-out instructions Check-out time, key return, trash disposal, etc.

4. Information about the welcome book

Many owners and hosts will leave a welcome guide to the vacation rental available to the guest along with the welcome letter. This is where guests can find detailed information about your property, the area it’s in, and special extras.

Be sure to leave the welcome book in the same place as the letter. This is also a good opportunity to encourage guests to take a look at your vacation rental guestbook and leave their comments too!

5. Airbnb house rules reminder

Many homeowners choose to display the house rules in the welcome guide, but the letter is an equally valid place. If you do not want noise after 12 o’clock or pets in the house, make it clear in the welcome letter of your vacation rental.

After all, saying it sweetly is often the most effective way to get your guests to respect your property rules.

6. Contact information for emergency issues

Even though you already have the contact information for the emergency services in the area in your welcome pack, it is advisable to leave your own (as a property manager) as well so that they can contact you directly.

Remind guests to report any issues or details they find unsatisfactory to you within 24 hours of arrival, so you can take immediate action.

Airbnb welcome letter notes

Contact information for your Airbnb welcome letter

7. A farewell with your Airbnb guests

Obviously, you want your guests to have a good time in your vacation rental, and they won’t be upset if you express this sentiment to them! So end your welcome letter with a note about how much you want them to have a relaxing vacation. Your wishes will make them highly rate the service when leaving an opinion.

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Free template of Airbnb welcome letter

Now you’re ready to go and create a carefully crafted welcome guest letter worthy of an Airbnb superhost. Once you’ve perfected your communication strategy, you’ll see how quickly those 5-star reviews come in.

We’ve put together a welcome letter template valid for Airbnb and any other type of vacation rental. It’s a model that is fully adaptable to the needs of your business and that you can easily print. It is free.

Airbnb welcome letter (clickable)

Airbnb welcome letter free template

Airbnb welcome letter free template

Download free Airbnb letter template

As a conclusion

Your Airbnb welcome letter is an opportunity to make your guests feel at home, get them excited about their trip, and establish the connection between host and guest. You can use pre-existing design templates to create a compelling message that is automatically delivered at the right time. Hosting an amazing guest experience has never been easier!

Frequently Asked Questions About
the Airbnb Welcome Letter

1. How do I write a welcome letter for Airbnb?

An excellent method to give your guests a warm and welcoming first impression is by writing a welcome letter for Airbnb. An outline for creating a successful welcome letter is provided below:

  • Start with a greeting. Begin your letter by addressing your guests in a friendly and welcoming manner. For example, you can start with “Dear [Guest’s Name],”
  • Express gratitude. Thank your guests for choosing your Airbnb, and express your appreciation for their decision to stay with you. For instance, you can write, “Thank you for choosing our Airbnb for your stay. We are thrilled to have you as our guest.”
  • Provide essential information. Include important details about their stay, such as check-in and check-out times, key or lockbox instructions, and any specific guidelines they should follow during their stay.
  • Highlight amenities and features. Briefly mention the amenities and features of your Airbnb. This can be anything special about your space, such Wi-Fi access, parking options, washing facilities, etc. You can say, “Our Airbnb features free high-speed Wi-Fi, a kitchen that is fully furnished, and a cozy outdoor patio where you can unwind.”
  • Provide local recommendations. Share some suggestions for local attractions, restaurants, or activities. You can add something like, “If you’re seeking for fantastic eating options, we highly recommend giving [restaurant name] located only a few streets away a try. [Nearby park or hiking trail] is ideal for a morning walk and offers wonderful vistas for outdoor enthusiasts.”
  • Offer contact information. Let your visitors know you’re there to help them while they’re here. Give them your phone number and email address so they can get in touch with you quickly if they have any questions or concerns.
  • End on a positive note.  Finish your welcome letter with a cordial and welcoming statement. For example, you may comment, “Thank you again for choosing our Airbnb. We wish you a wonderful stay and the making of enduring memories. We hope you have a wonderful time exploring our lovely city.
  • Personalize the letter. Whenever possible, try to personalize the welcome letter by including the guest’s name and any specific details you know about them. This personal touch will make them feel valued and appreciated.

Proofread your letter for any spelling or grammatical errors before sending it to your guests.

2. What is an Airbnb welcome book?

A host’s welcome book serves as a manual for visitors staying at their home. It contains crucial information, including house rules, information about the property, local suggestions, contacts, check-in/check-out instructions, and safety regulations. Its goal is to improve visitors’ experience and give them all the information they need for a hassle-free and enjoyable stay.

3. What is a good Airbnb message?

A excellent Airbnb message ought to be approachable, understandable, and instructive. Your visitors should feel welcomed by it. A nice Airbnb message would look something like this:

“Hello [Guest’s Name],

Welcome to our home! We are thrilled to have you as a visitor. We aim to give you all the knowledge you require in order for your stay to go smoothly and be pleasurable.

Check-in Details:

Date: …
Time: …
Location: …

Please let us know if you have any unique requests or inquiries about your check-in, and we’ll try to meet your needs.

You can take advantage of the following amenities while you’re here:

[Include a list of the amenities offered, including Wi-Fi, kitchenettes, parking, etc.]
We’ve also produced a list of suggested nearby eateries, attractions, and activities. Make the most of your time by exploring freely.

If you have any concerns or need assistance during your stay, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through the Airbnb messaging system or call/text [Your phone number].

We hope you have a wonderful time at our Airbnb and enjoy your stay in [Location]. Thank you for choosing us as your accommodation. We look forward to hosting you!

Best regards,
[Your Name]”

Remember to personalize the message by using the guest’s name and ensuring that the details provided are specific to your Airbnb.

4. What do I write in my Airbnb welcome card?

You have the chance to genuinely care about your Airbnb visitors’ experiences when you write a welcome card for them. Here are some ideas on what to write in your Airbnb welcome card:

“Welcome to [Your Airbnb Name]!

We’re thrilled to have you as our guest. We hope you have a fantastic stay and enjoy all the amenities we have to offer, including [mention specific amenities or unique features].

If you need any recommendations or assistance during your stay, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Here are a few nearby attractions you might enjoy exploring: [mention a couple of local attractions or points of interest].

Thank you for choosing to stay with us. We wish you a wonderful and memorable experience!

Best regards,
[Your Name]”

5. How do I introduce my Airbnb?

When introducing your Airbnb, you want to create a welcoming and inviting tone while highlighting the unique aspects of your space. Here’s a simple guide on how to introduce your Airbnb:

“Welcome to our Airbnb!

Our cozy space offers [number of bedrooms/bathrooms], [highlight any unique features or amenities]. Located in [location], we’re in close proximity to [nearby attractions or points of interest].

As your host, we’re here to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need recommendations.

Book now and experience the best of [location] with us!

Best regards,
[Your Name]”

6. How do I make my Airbnb guest feel special?

Here are some ideas on how to make your Airbnb guest feel special:

  • Personalized welcome. Greet your guests by name and express your excitement to host them.
  • Thoughtful gestures. Leave a small welcome gift or handwritten note to show your appreciation for their stay.
  • Clean and comfortable space. Ensure your Airbnb is clean, well-maintained, and provides cozy amenities like fresh linens and fluffy towels.
  • Extra amenities. Offer additional amenities such as toiletries, extra blankets, or a coffee and tea station.
  • Local recommendations. Provide personalized suggestions for local attractions, restaurants, or hidden gems based on your guests’ interests.
  • Clear communication. Be responsive and available to your guests’ needs, providing prompt and attentive communication.
  • Flexibility and accommodation.  When possible, be accommodating with check-in or check-out requests to meet the demands of your visitors.
  • Follow-up. After they’ve checked out, send a thank-you note to show your appreciation and ask for comments on their experience.

By implementing these actions, you can make your Airbnb guests feel special and create a memorable stay for them.

7. How do you write a short welcome note?

Writing a short welcome note requires being concise yet warm and inviting. Here’s an example:

“Dear [Guest’s Name],

Welcome to [Your Airbnb Name]! We’re delighted to have you as our guest and hope you have a fantastic stay.

Check-in: [Date] at [Time]

Check-out: [Date] at [Time]

If you need any assistance during your stay or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to ensure your comfort and make your stay memorable.

Enjoy your time in [City] and all it has to offer. Thank you for choosing [Your Airbnb Name]!

Best regards, [Your Name]”

In a short welcome note include the essential information, express your warm welcome, and assure the guest that you’re available to assist them. Keep the tone friendly and concise while still conveying your excitement about their stay.

8. How do you say welcome words?

When saying welcome words to someone, it’s important to convey warmth and hospitality. Here are a few ways to express a heartfelt welcome:

  • “Welcome!”
  • “We’re delighted to have you here.”
  • “It’s a pleasure to welcome you.”
  • “We extend a warm welcome to you.”
  • “We’re so glad you could join us.”
  • “Welcome to [place/occasion/event]!”
  • “We’re thrilled that you’re here.”
  • “Thank you for being here. You’re most welcome.”
  • “We’re honored to have you as our guest.”
  • “Make yourself at home. Welcome!”

Remember, the tone of your voice and your genuine enthusiasm while saying these words can greatly enhance the welcoming experience for the person you’re addressing.

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