Travel tips for visitors of Punta Cana in 2024

You pondered long and hard on holiday destinations and end up with the Dominican Republic. Further, you have to choose among different suggested resorts. If I were you, I would choose Punta Cana. Why? – Will ask you.

Because Punta Cana is the land of rest. Where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, where the most beautiful and safe beaches in the whole world, where the most friendly and hospitable people. When you see the sugary and golden sand and alley of dense palm trees of the Punta Cana beaches, you might think it is a dream.

In case if you are a sporty person Punta Cana may offer you a variety of activities. These activities include things like mountain biking, diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, canyoning, golfing, and of course the great Punta Cana deep sea fishing plus a whole lot more. Another activity is golf with 11 courses located all along the strip.

If you are a traveler who prefers to see all the major sights (as well as some minor ones) I would recommend you to visit the following places:

Number one is Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve

Eyes Ecological Park is located in the southern part of the region. On the vast territory of the park occupying over 6 km2 of protected coastal and inland habitat, there are more than 500 species of exotic animals, 100 bird species (27 of which are indigenous species native only to the Dominican Republic), 160 insect species and 500 plant species. You can take a three-hour guided tour or walk through the fascinating nature by yourself.

Number two is Manati Park

In this natural park, you can meet with tropical birds, reptiles, and animals. On its territory, there is a museum of Aboriginal culture. During your stay in Manati Park, you will be able to enjoy the varied amusing programs, shows, restaurants, local crafts and souvenir shops. The active visitors of the park will have the opportunity of swimming with dolphins; it is an unforgettable experience.

Number three is Casa Ponce de Leon

This construction was built more than five centuries ago by the famous explorer and conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon. Residence house Juan Ponce de Leon. Memorial house is located three kilometers from San Rafael de Yuma. The explorer lived there with his wife Leonor and four children. Later Ponce de Leon moved to Puerto Rico, where he was governor. The building is now restored in an early 16th-century style, complete with period furniture and the explorer’s suit of armor.

Number four is Marinarium Snorkeling Cruise

In the so-called Marinarium, you will have the opportunity to get to know the inhabitants of the coastal waters of the Dominican Republic. The excursion program along the beaches of Punta Cana provides insight into the marine fauna, including predatory sharks and electric rays. Besides, visitors are invited for a dive into a mysterious underwater world.

Here above we have chosen the most interesting and worth seeing places for you, but of course if you have enough of time for other places there are plenty of things to do and to see in Punta Cana.

Ten things to know before you go to Punta Cana

  1. Airport visitor fee (make sure you have some cash (cash only) in the Punta Cana International Airport, as you have to pay $10 as a visitor fee.
  2. All the necessities are with you (If you need something urgently when in Punta Cana, you practically have two options: buy it at the hotel, or take a taxi and go to the town. Both of these options are expensive.
  3. Don’t drink tap water. The tap water of the Dominican Republic is not portable, so don’t drink it.
  4. Ignore the clouds on the weather forecast. It is a tropical climate and weather is very changeable. Clouds can come and disappear in 15 min.
  5. Pay in local currency. Even if the places do accept US dollars ‑ pay in pesos – it is much more economically advantageous.
  6. Tipping. Like everywhere in the world tips are always welcomed.
  7. Try to blend into the crowd. People are much more relaxed and easy-going here. Things go slower, and nobody seems to be in a real hurry. So just join them and blend into the crowd.
  8. Safety. Punta Cana is a very safe place to visit but always use your common sense when out and about outside of the hotels.
  9. Cuisine. Be sure to taste the dishes of the Caribbean cuisine. The mixture of beans, rice, chili and meat is unlikely to surprise anyone, but fried green bananas with salt and garlic (“tostones”) ‑ that’s worth a try! Besides, you have to try Pepperpot, Conch, Cuban sandwich, Goat stew and Callaloo.
  10. Shopping. Learn to say “NO.” If you are not interested in products being sold, say “No, thank you” politely, and they will leave you alone.

Now you are ready for the traveling to the Dominican Republic. Take your luggage and have a nice holiday.

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